Monday, April 18, 2011

Not Me Monday . . .

Been a long time and I need a little "not" therapy this week :)

I have not given my three year old "beets on toast" three mornings this past week. Nope I don't think pickled beets are a healthy breakfast and I certainly don't smile when she makes "princess toast" by dipping dry toast into the pink juice. And speaking of breakfasts I don't make her a cup of coffee either to get her to drink her milk.

I didn't go visit my grandpa for the first time in 14 years--no way! I would never wait that long between visits to Norfolk. We also didn't call 911 at 1am on saturday night because there were 4 gunshots from his neighbors house. I am certainly not MORE sleep deprived after my first weekend away from my children than I usually am.

I didn't pick the most awful weekend ever to go away from my kids for the first time...tornadoes, gunshots, mom getting a spider bite and spending the weekend throwing up, food poisioning for me and a stomach virus for hubby and nana led to a fantastic weekend to be away.

And the most wonderful thing I did NOT do. Enjoy every flippin' minute of dining out without having to consider who likes what and who napped when and did I have a diaper, coloring book, wet wipes and who was using their inside voice. Nope--multi-tasking during eating out is one of my most favorite things. I also didn't enjoy NOT sharing my food with three little munchies who want a bite of everything of mine.

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