Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today we headed on an unplanned trip to Vollmer Farms in Bunn, NC. We'd never been but after a bad reaction from EJ to the pesticides used at our local berry place we completely missed out last year on fresh picked berries. Vollmer farms is ORGANIC!!! Yay--no yucky stuff. As you can see the kids had a blast picking berries--Bethy did more eating than picking but she got it down pretty quick that she wanted just the red ones. The picking weather was glorious today--only about 70 degrees so no one got sweaty and there were only two or three other families there so no one got lost in the shuffle or overwhelmed.

A picture of me courtesy of Elijah

I thought this was absolutely hilarious--the sign said "Please weigh your children prior to picking" It was a joke but in Bethany's case we actualy owed $1.50 extra for what she consumed in the field. Elijah didn't eat any berries until we paid for them but he dove into the Banana pudding ice cream. Delicious!!
The girls begged to get tomatoes before we left. What can I say--my girls love tomatoes!
Lydia walked in the store eating hers and three people saw her and all three walked over to the tomatoes. She was very convincing--and very vocal--about how 'alicious her tomato was.

Bethany loved the farm and expecially the "boos" across the street. (cows). She kept pointing and saying "boo boooo!!!!"

We stayed 3 hours. Picking took about 20 minutes (up one row and down the other to get a full bucket). We played on the swings and the fort and the little picnic tables. Ate our ice cream. Enjoyed outselves and headed home.

It was a perfect afternoon except that Bethany fell and skinned her knee and Lydia fell out of the swing and did a belly flop and knocked her air out, Elijah got 4 splinters in a finger and all three children SCREAMED for 15 of the 40 minutes driving home. My kids really don't do well in the car.

We rounded up the day by baking a cake for a certain nana, having dinner at 4:45pm and baths and bed by 6pm. I rocked both girls to sleep and just loved it!! I was tired, they were grumpy, and we just snuggled and I hummed and rocked and they sacked out. Sweet baby snuggs are one of the best things EVER! I just stared at thier little faces and tried to burn it deep in my memory bank to pull out when they are teenagers and driving me nuts. My precious baby angels!

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