Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Beachin' It

We had a blast at the beach for a week. The trip got off to a rocky start . . . the kids didn't nap on the way down as I had hoped so early bedtimes were planned. We decided to walk to the "quiet sea" (the sound) before dinner and Lydia took off her too-tight water shoes, walked about three steps and stepped on an oyster bed. She sliced open the bottom of two toes. I put the screaming baby in the wagon, tried to calm Elijah down (he was screaming "Her's is gonna die!!"), scooped Lydia up and put her in the wagon, strapped EJ's water shirt on her gushing foot and high-tailed it back to the beach house. I put on a video, grabbed a snack for the others and addressed the foot. I couldn't see anything for the blood . . . it was just gushing. 20 minutes later I got it to stop bleeding but it was filthy and I was worried so I packed everyone up and went to Urgent care. 4 hours later we walked out with a clean foot (they had to get all the oyster bits out), glued and taped shut and a prescription for antibiotics. We headed to Dairy queen at 8pm and had dippy cones for dinner (their reward for behaving in the Urgent Care). Picked up the perscription at the Walgreens drive thru and headed home. They got in bed around 10pm--so much for early bedtimes!! Of course they were up before 6am the next day. . . they are Denton children after all!

We went to the aquarium and then the crab Shack. Bethy was sooooo tired from the late night, no morning nap and hiking the nature trail that she was falling asleep in the car. That is UNHEARD of! Both she and Lydia fell asleep on the way home from lunch and we all took a great nap.

Alysun and her munchkins showed up the next day (Wednesday) and we went to the quiet sea, the beach and the aquarium again while they were there. It was so much fun! I couldn't believe the boys got in the ocean to play but they did. I can't wait until they go back down with us again!

Granny and Grampy showed up on Friday afternoon and we had a great time over the weekend with them. The kids were sad to go on Sunday. We're back int he groove but wishing we were back at the beach. As soon as preschool is over we'll be headed back I am sure.

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