Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Today, she really liked the cookies we made and she was saying "meeee-yuuuuuum" instead of Yummmmy!

Last night, after about 100 knock knock jokes from Elijah and Lydia she piped up with
Beth: "conk conk"
Me: "Who's there?"
Beth "Bah-by"
Me: "Baby who?"
Beth: "Baby go poo-poo!"

Her brother just about died laughing. "Poop" is one of the funniest words in the world to a 4 year old like him and Bethany had perfect comedic timing. Of couse this was followed by about 5 more "conk conk" jokes with different people ("Daddy, Bampy, Mommy, Lydia, Lijie") going poo-poo with the same hilarious response from her brother and sister. I have to admit, I almost peed my pants when she came up with the first one. I had no idea that my little 16 month old could have such great timing.

She is tlaking so much. She'll come up and just say a whole sentance. I can usually get one or two words out of it but she knows what she's trying to say. Sometimes she is really clear--"Lydia-no touch me!" Clear as day. "read me pee-pie book mommy" "I no like ___________" "I munt __________" Its great.

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