Sunday, May 15, 2011


Not sure of our schedule this week since we're getting rooms stripped of wallpaper and painted. It amazes me that we've lived with crappy 70's wallpaper, stained carpets and no railings for 8 years in this house and only now that we are trying to GET RID OF IT are we making these improvements. Kinda wish we'd done it long ago so that we could have enjoyed it a bit more. Lesson learned for the new house . . . go ahead and make it nice for yourself instead of waiting. The railing on the back steps is wonderful! Shampooed carpets are nice!!!

The kids and I will be OUT of the house while the painters are painting. I can't deal with EJ's reactions on top of it all.

Should be an otherwise busy week as well. Cake class starts Tuesday night. My last semester teaching it--makes me so sad. Elijah graduates on Thursday night. No more preschool for my little man. How on earth do I have a KINDERGARTNER?? Things are moving right along . . . couple of camps planned for the kids the summer and a whole lot of nothing is on the agenda. My kinda summer :)

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