Friday, June 10, 2011

Catching up . . .

Things have been so crazy. The house being on the market takes a lot of time. Cleaning, cleaning, straightening, cleaning . . . Its hard with my little messmakers helping day in and day out.

We have been so blessed to start worshiping at what will be our new church in Raleigh. Elijah and Lydia love it. Bethany is happy anywhere. I love the worship and what the preaching has done in our marriage. It is something to back to our "roots" hearing JD preach again and in a style that we respond very well to. He is starting a new sermon series called "Homewreckers" and I can't wait to hear it!!

A Lot of new developments have been happening. We decided to join the Summit in July when they will have a new members class. That is very exciting to us. The day after we made this decision we had a friend contact us about renting out the house. I was very apprehensive about becoming a landlord--what about repairs, how to do a lease etc. After prayers and many long discussions, we have also decided to rent out our home to a dear friend from church who is going through trials of her own. Right now we are still ironing out the details of taking the house off the market. It has been a hectic week of phone calls, bank visits (for preapproval), determining if we can even buy a house with no down payment from this house and more. I am very excited that Justin will no longer be commuting 2+hours a day. The kids miss their daddy and it is very hard on all of us with the added strain of keeping the house clean and having so many of our things packed away.

Tomorrow we will head to Raleigh to look at homes in our new price range. Without a down payment to put on a house we have realistically set our eyes on a much smaller prize. Well worth it though in the long run we feel. There is no telling when the market will pick up here in Wilson and right now Justin is just missing out on so much of the day to day life of the children that we are willing to sacrifice just about anything to be back together. We are so excited and pray that we'll find "it" tomorrow with our realtor. She is really awesome and I think we are going to find a wonderful home that suits our needs (mainly 4 bedrooms so I can sleep again).

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