Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Crazy Life

God's been answering prayers left and right around here. After breifly mentioning the possibility of renting our home out so that we could be together every day again and move and not mess up Elijah's Kindergarten year God plopped a renter in our lap. Not only a renter, a rent to BUY er. We headed to Raleigh just two weekends ago and we found a home. We're very excited. After some back and forth our offer was accepted and we've got a closing date on July 8th. The movers are showing up on the 12th to move all the heavy stuff and we will be landlords as of the 15th.
The kids are excited and nervous. Elijah is either all for it or completely against it. No middle ground with him. Lydia is sold on it--her new room is going to be absolutely pink and she is absolutely thrilled! Bethany has no clue but she's having a blast "helping" me pack boxes by pulling the contents out and scattering them around.
We've sold almost all of our furniture. We're keeping the beds and the lazy-boy recliners but sold the couches, chairs, dining room table and more. Our new home has the wonderful feature of 4 bedrooms!!! The kid's won't have to share. The house is the same square footage as what we've got now but we're adding a bedroom, laundry room and a spacious bathroom so the living areas downstairs are much smaller. We bought the currents owners couch (hey it fits!) and a used dining room set off Craigslist. It is so exciting! I keep going through in my mind wondering what is going to fit where and how I might want to lay it out.
I am a bit apprehensive. I have never had my kids anywhere but here in this house. It will be new places to shop, finding the parks, finding moms and friends for them to play with. It is overwhelming. Thankfully I've already found a new doctor and a dentist for them. I've got the information on schools (I am NOT liking the year round thing with Wake Schools!) and done as much as I can from this end. I am really looking forward to our new adventure.
Right now we're struggling to deal with the emotions. The kids both had a rough day today at their camps. I had to go and get Lydia after 45 minutes at her camp. She is getting up earlier and earlier--this morning it was about 4am. I have no ideas on how to get her to sleep later. She is getting exhausted and clumsy. I am pretty sure it has to do with stress. Elijah is sleeping OK but he is very emotional. He doesn't deal well with change and this is a BIG one! Its tough to deal with on a daily basis but I know its going to be a great move for us and good for him.
So that's why no posts for a while. Busy Busy with life and kids. Packing, preparing and praying! Can't wait to see what is in store for us.

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