Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Elijah begged to read this past January so we started officially doing "homeschool" with him and Lydia. They like it most days though now he is overwhelmed by the length of the stories and the challenge of reading without the little hints on the words. That said, he does it and is so proud when he finishes it that it is worth the battle. We're also working with Elijah on his handwriting. He's only 4 so he is still struggling a lot with the fine motor control. We do a lot of manipulatives like pipecleaners, lacing boards, playdough and we started "Handwriting without tears". Loving that so far. He is getting so much better! I know he is going to be one of the youngest in his class so I feel like any boost I can give him is worth it. He also really enjoys doing it. He made this animal book today after reading to practice his writing. I think we'll do another one with something else--maybe circus animals or jungle stuff or something. He didn't fuss at all about it and was so proud of his finished product. Granny is going to get it for her office I think. He also drew great-grandmama a rainbow for her fridge and wrote her name on it. We're loving the homeschool even if it is a huge challenge with the girls around.

Lydia is doing well too. She knows long e, a, m, s as her sounds and can do two letter blends with those. she also knows all her shapes, colors, textures (rough, smooth etc) and animals. She is doing really well too. She can follow directions like make a circle around . . . . and match the pairs. She is really great at school even though she is put on the "back burner" during school time. The girl absolutely rocks with the wooden pieces for the Handwriting kit. She can make any letter with those blocks in no time at all. Spacially she is very savvy.

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