Monday, July 11, 2011


EJ only tantrumed for about 30 minutes when he saw his room. I honestly thought it would be much longer. Saturday Justin and I packed and packed and packed. I had a slight freakout in the morning when we were faced with the contents of the attic, all the packing left to do and no moving date in sight. We still don't have a date from the bank so all the moving and lifting I thought that the movers would be doing now fell on our shoulders and I freaked out. We are carrying EVERYTHING we own and storing it in the outbuilding until we can close on the house and hire someone to move us in. We are begging for help from our church and friends to get he furniture down the stairs and outside.

I am exhausted, mentally and physically. The constant tantrums and bad attitude form Elijah are exhausting. I am struggling to stay patient with him. I am just ready for this part to be over, be in our new home and adjust. I am horribly sad to be leaving this house and everything that is familiar to me but I am ready to stop dwelling on it and just get out and move on.

There are only a few things left to pack and I am hoping to get everything but the kitchen done today. I want to do the kitchen tomorrow.

Tonight is our last night here.

Then some overnights with my parents and hopefully a closing date soon.

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