Thursday, July 07, 2011


Calling Super Nanny--please come help me with my crazy children!!

This move is making them into little beasts. Yesterday at a playdate Lydia wouldn't stop bullying the little girl. Elijah is horribly violent and picked up Bethany today and just dropped her. He also threatened to bite the girls and had them both in tears form snarling and chomping at them. Oh yeah--and he threw a 1.5 hour tantrum yesterday and another over 1 hour tantrum today. Today the tantum was because Lydia wanted to sit in daddy's chair while she ate dessert. He ignored his own dessert, stood on the chair and just started screaming at her to move. I told him to sit down and eat and if he didn't then I was going to take his ice cream away. I ended up taking it and he got so angry he punched me. I then pulled him up and put him into time out and he raged the full 4 minutes (but he kept his butt on that spot!!). I tried to love him, hug him, talk with him but he spit in my face and kept screaming. I helped (dragged??) him upstairs to chill out and have alone time while I bathed the girls and got them ready. He continued screaming at the top of his lungs and he threw everything he could off onto the floor. I got Bethany down and was reading stories to Lydia when he finally calmed down. I am proud of myself for not just hauling off and giving him a spanking (my first inclination) but he is out of control. I don't know what to do when he's like that other than to get him away from the girls and do my best to try and calm him down. I have three little ones--Bethy and Lydia can't be left alone without supervision at all so I can't spend a lot of one on one with him to get him over the grump. He is also so out of control and irrational I am not sure that messing with ihm is the right thing to do either. Its challenging for me when I have so much on my plate with the move going on, taking care of the daily stuff anyway (cooking cleaning errands etc) and caring for everyone. Daddy isn't home in time most nights to help with the children so I'm on my own. I know that I would do things a lot differently if he were an only child but he's not so I just do the best I can. Three on one--the odds aren't in my favor.

I am pretty sure this is all stress related--all three are excpetionally bad this week and its the week we've really started packing a lot of stuff up. Things are changing and they know that next week we'll move out of this house. They are anxious about it. I am stressed too and fear I have very little patience for situations like a 3 year old dumping an entire bag of goldfish crackers into the box I just finished packing up. Grrr.... Hoping consistent discipline and consequences, lots of fun time, my undivided attention and maybe a movie or two or six will get us through the next couple od days.

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