Friday, July 01, 2011

Sleeping, house hunting and more!

The kids are not thrilled about the move and the change. Our "new" house in Raleigh is not going to happen as planned. The original house we put an offer on, the owners weren't willing to fix a couple of things we had major concerns about and that, coupled with the train tracks being nearby, a small back yard and a small house just caused us to cut our losses ($1000 :( ) and decide, one week before closing, that we couldn't do it. We feel like total creeps about it--they were moving, they have kids too. . . .but we just had to make the decision.

We're off this weekend to Raleigh to see if we can find something we like even better. Pray that we fall in love with something and that it is VACANT so we can go ahead and close on the house and move as planned. Movers are coming on the 12th and will move the stuff to our new home or into storage based on how this weekend turns out. Our tenant moves in on the 15th and we will be "landlords"--whew!! Talk about crazy!

Lydia has been sleeping less and less as the move gets closer and closer. She's always been an early bird but now we're talking 4am early. Yesterday she came down at 4am and said she was hungry and was just up for the day. I told her before bed last night that she had to wait until it was light outside before she could get up. At 4:15 she came in and told me it was dark and she wasn't getting up. About every 1o minutes she would come back and say "Its still dark and I am not getting up yet mommy!" At about 5:45 am it started getting light outside and she bounded it---"Its morning!!!" Of course she managed to wake both EJ and Bethany up with all of her status updates. It makes for a long day when it starts that early. Just so you get an idea. . .yesterday she was up at 4am. Went to camp from 9-1pm. Went to the museum in Rocky Mount from 2-4pm and played hard. At dinner, bath and Bed at 7pm. Fell asleep about 7:30pm. Yes--4am-7:30pm for a 3 year old girl then up again at 4am. To say she is sleep deprived is an understatement but she doesn't sleep in the car and I can't get her back to sleep even by putting her in the bed with me. I am just hopeful that once we move and things are settled she'll start sleeping again.

I'll just tell you that when I am tired, little things seem huge and huge things seem impossible. Most days I just want to sit and cry because I am so overwhelmed with the packing and the moving. The kids make messes faster than I can clean them, I haven't scrubbed the bathrooms in ages, there are boxes everywhere and the kids are climbing on them, falling off of them and making me crazy, I can't seem to cook and get dinner done to save my life (it doesn't help that Justin isn't here to share it with anymore now that he is commuting--its just so easy to do yogurt or cereal and fruit and veggies). I am ready for some normal to get back in my life!

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