Friday, August 26, 2011

A Day in the Life of the Dentons. . .

Its Friday! Bethany got me up at 3am and stayed up unfortunately. That is her typical wake up time now that we've moved. Occasionally I am treated to a morning of 5 or 6am but those are few and far between. Thankfully Justin and the older kids can sleep through her endless rounds of "Mommy mommy I wake up get out! wake up get out!" for three hours. I've tried rocking, putting her in bed with us, ignoring her, getting frustrated with her, sending Justin in . . . nothing seems to work to get her back to sleep once she's up. I guess she's her mother's daughter that way.

We get up, all of us about 6am or 6:15 and have breakfast. Lydia has the job of cleaning off and wiping down the table.

What would be the morning through without a visit from everyone's favorite princess--Rapunzel? Donning her new wig and Halloween costume Lydia walks in.

This morning we ran to the grocery to grab some things before the hurricane hits this weekend. We had a good time but Bethy was crabby. We got home and I put her down for a little nap while I unpacked and got ready for our playdate. We vacuumed and dusted and cleaned the downstairs bathroom and put the dishes away and made coffee and set up the snacks and the craft--all in 30 minutes! Typically we don't run errands, we do school, but this playdate was special and we were excited. We got Bethy up after 45 minutes of napping just in time to PLAY!!

I think there were close to 15 kids here and about 6 or 7 other mommies. It was organized chaos and it was wonderful. We crafted puppets and had popcorn and drank coffee and chit chatted as much as possible with that many kids running wild. Lydia had a meltdown towards the end, too little sleep and too many guests but a little Rapunzel calmed her down. We took afternoon naps then did school and bible.

(Forgive me--I didn't take pictures of all of the events of the day so I'm doing some pics from yesterday to illustrate . . . )

Many thanks to Kristen Eckenwiler for the sorting bag--Bethy loves it!

After school we took the left over popcorn and chips from our playdate out to feed "our" ducks and turtles and fish. The ducks are: Cinderella, Anastasia and Prince Charming. The tutles are: Pascal and Golliath. The fish are :Fishy-meow-meow and Rapunzel-fish. 2 guesses as to who names what. Ah-hem . . . Anyway . . .we fed them then cleaned up and started on dinner (homemade pizza!) The kids measured and scooped and then I turned on wiggles so that I could get a moment of silence and check on the weather and vacuum up the flour and stuff from the "help"

It was nice so we painted on the driveway with water. Here is Elijah do his "writing" homework--check out that nubmer 5!! (Down the trunk, around the tree, add a branch--that's five! You See?)
Then we did bible study while we waited for the pizza to cook. I have been working on 1st commandment this week. As different activity every day. They've got it memorized! Today Elijah typed it in paint and then colored it in paint and we printed it out. It cracks me up: "u shal hiv no uthr godz" is what he typed. Very phonetically correct I guess but funny just the same. He's been reading it all week long.

After pizza dinner with daddy we had a puppet show with the craft we made earlier. No idea why Lydia is sideways . . .sorry

Then it was off to bed at 8pm. Now me and hubby are cleaning up the kitchen, folding the laundry I washed today (4 loads) and visiting with one another.

A Day in the life of the Denton's. Doesn't that make you tired?

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