Monday, August 22, 2011

Grove Park Academy

We're doing homeschool this year for a number of reasons. Primarily the school we're districted to has disastrous ratings and I am not ready to throw my child into that environment. I had visions of happy children doing work and reading. This morning's reality wasn't as good. It started off OK but Elijah was done with school after about 3 minutes. He "hates" school and "hates" me for making him work. I know this is just a rocky start, things will get better as he gets used to our new routine. I mean the boy even said he hated our science experiment which was measuring rice--one of his most favorite messy activities.

That said, the boy is smart. He easily figured out the biggest to smallest measuring cups when I told him "It takes 1 blue scoop to get to one up, 2 red scoops to get to one cup and 4 yellow scoops to get to one cup. Which is the biggest and which is the smallest?" Without a beat he said "If it takes more scoops it means the cup is smaller so the yellow is the smallest and the blue is the biggest." His sissies were the scoopers, he refused to participate at first so he figured it all out in his head.

We're going to work on fractions after the break for our math--hopefully it will click for him the same way.

This week we're not doing the full day. We're going to ease into the routine and get working and our "official" start date of school is next Monday. We'll just call this week "orientation" :)

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