Thursday, August 11, 2011

Halloween . . .

Can't believe I am buying costumes this year . . .EJ wanted to be Spiderman with the muscles, super cool but I am NOT going to try and make that. Lydia is getting a homemade Rapunzel dress simply because I can't afford to drop $40 or $50 on a costume--those buggars are expensive!! And of course, Bethany doesn't really care so we're going to make her Pascal--Rapunzel's Chameleon. I bought a little hooded jumper off ebay for $10 and am going to put on some bug eyes and a tail. She'll be cute I am sure and comfortable so she'll wear it!
Going to make sure Lydia's costume is big enough for her to have lots of wiggle room. She doesn't like things being too tight. I might even take one of her plain leotards and doctor it up to make sure the bodice isn't too small. I've got some great sparkly material I bought a while ago so some pink ribbon and puffy sleeves and it should be perfect!

I love Halloween and I love sewing. At least it isn't all store bought.

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