Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Moved In!

So. . .no posts for a while because we didn't have internet and I was busy unpacking and getting settled. I'll post pics later of the house but suffice it to say that the house inside is 100% now thanks to a marthon picture hanging session with hubby this weekend and a week with no internet or TV.

The garage is a mess--it was the dumping ground for all that we had out in the garage and outbuilding and we don't know what to do with it all! But it is out of sight and thus out of mind for the most part. I don't feel guilty for not working on that because between the chemicals, blades and tools the garage is a death trap for the kids and I can't make any headway without worrying that Elijah will trim his sissy's hairs with the weed eater or something like that.

Before we moved in I got Lydia's room painted purple (purple-licious like 'apunzel) and a giant rainbow on EJ's wall. He helped put the name stickers on the rooms and picked out who got which room. The movers moved everything on Wednesday and it was exhausting. It took longer than we thought to get it loaded, then it all didn't fit and we had to stuff our cars and dad's truck to get it all. Who knew we had that much STUFF? 2 guys did the loading and 6 guys did the unloading. It went fast and I was trying to assemble the beds so they could put the mattresses on and put the bedroom furniture in and Justin was trying to direct them all places. It was crazy!! They got it all done and i spent all of thursday doing the kids rooms, headed back late Thursday night and we moved the girls up on Friday and EJ came Saturday.

We spent Saturday with family--nana and papa and granny and grampy came. We unpacked a little bit but spent the majority of the time helping the kids get adjusted and installing a new sink fixture. It took three of us to get the old faucet off but the new one went on like a breeze excep tthat the silocone around the sink was old and the sink popped out and we ended up having to glue that back down too. Whew!

i unpacked like mad all week last week and got it DONE! Hubby helped with the pictures over the weekend and that is it. Apart from the foot layer of dust on the downstairs that I have yet to scrape off the tops of the windows and the massive spider webs that drape gloriously across the two story den the house is perfect. I need a super long swiffer or super-powers to clean the spider webs and i will probably finish cleaning on Wednesday night.

Amist the boxes we managed to squeeze in a trip to lake-beach at Falls Lake--completely AWESOME! Best $6 EVER spent on a day trip. There was absolutely no way I would have rahter spent than 113 degree day than neck deep in a semi-cool murky brown lake. Reminded me of Chris Greene lake and Pinebluff lake growing up--especially hitting the cold spots and warm spots and all of the "kissing" fish who were intrigued by all of my moles :)

We also made the trek to Trader Joes and the Goodwill with some stuff to donate. It was fun, the kids were great but all that traffic makes me a nervous wreck!

This week we've ventured out to Briar Creek and hit the Petsmart and scored an awesome deal on a Guinea Pig Condo for Dragon and Princess. We also went to the party store for Ej to pick out plates and stuff for his birthday on Saturday. I don't know how it is possible that my little man is going to be 5??!!

Anyway--we're hooked up with internet now. No land line, no cable. Trying out NetFlix and hulu and seeing if that will work. So far net Flix is the BEST THING EVER!! We stream it through the wii and it rocks.

Lydia loves "new house" and her purple bedroom. She doesn't seem to miss Wilson much though we did leave her lovey "marabelle" at granny's last week so she was really upset a couple of times this past week about that.

Elijah is missing his playmates and his sissies are "driving him bonkers" but is sleeping, likes his room and likes new house too.

Bethany was doing great but is having a growth spurt or something and for the past 4 days has gotten up at dark-thirty. I am ready for her to get over that!

4 Bedrooms is one of the most awesome things ever. I also love having the kitchen open to the playroom.

All that's left to do is clean the garage, find a couch, get a fence, move the playgrond from Wilson, put up some shade on the patio and we're set!

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