Friday, September 23, 2011

Catching Up--for Scrapbooks sake

We made our first weekend trip to wilson spending Friday night with Nana and Papa and Saturday nigth with Granny and Grampy. We had lunch on Saturday wtih Great-Grandmama. Had a lot of fun but boy! Its tiring to try and do it all with everyone!

Bethy wasn't sleeping well at all two weeks ago . . not sure why. Up early, up multiple times a night, generally miserable and whiny. while that was awful how adorable was she when she passed out on the couch one morning??
Since she wasn't sleeping anyway I decided a visit from teh Paci-Fairy was in order so I took it away after our first night of Awanas. Daddy wasn't really on board but since he was at bible study I made the executive decision. She was NOT happy about it but cried for about 20 minutes then settled down and read storeis with me and the olders, let me rock and sing to her and then went to sleep with out a fuss. A short (5 minute tantrum) at nap the next day and it was over with. She even brings me the paci's she find hidden aroudn the house. Its too cute. And her mouth and smile are already changing from no more sucking. I love her "new" smile! The paci fairy brought her a book and a new extra large fuzzy lovey. The lovey is a huge hit. For the first couple of days she would tote all five of her loveys around since she didn't have a paci and she had to have them all piled in the crib with her for comfort. Now sh'es back down to one.
today we got some bugs out by playing in the rain.
At homeschool we're working on the animals on the farm. We made a felt board and glued farm animals. It was lots of fun. some of the babies and stuff are missing from this picture because they were still drying. Bethy's favorite part is pulling off the eyeballs.
Met granny and grampy and cody and krysti in Raleigh for Greekfest. Bethany loves her "jingle skirt" and got up on stage. She now enthusiastically yells "Opa!!!"
Friday we ran out of coffee so the kids and I headed to Trader Joes in lieu of naptime. We had fun, got what we needed and saw a bus. Elijah wanted to ride it so after figuring out that that bus only came every 2 hours I took them to a park near U-mall in Chapel Hill where I used to go with the triplets I nannied for. It was fun and nostalgic! The rose garden is so pretty now! We caught a bus and rode it all the way around. No amount of pursuading could convince the kids to get off the bus at Franklin street so we just rode the whole loop.
Rose Garden Girl

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Alysun said...

Bethany is getting too big. Tell her to stop growing!! Miss you guys:)