Sunday, September 25, 2011


So this year we decided to take a jump and try Awana's. It is the first church we've been to that does it and it is a HUGE deal for our family. It is our first ever evening commitment. A lot of you are probably saying it isn't a big deal, you've got kids in dance/sports/clubs. Well, we have never done ANYTHING in the evenings! Nada! It is a HUGE step for us! When you've got kids who sleep as poorly as ours evening commitments are a big deal. A 8:45 bedtime, when they are used to a 6:45pm bedtime is a big change and makes Mondays especially challenging. Apparently "sleeping in" is an absolutely foreign concept for my kids so we are sacrificing to show them that this is important.

We initially tried Elijah in Sparks with the other Kindergartners and Lydia in cubbies. After the first night Elijah was in tears and shaking and very upset about it. I thought he had done a great job but it was just too many kids, too much chaos, too late in the evening and too much noise so we moved him down into a different Cubbies class. This was the third week and they earned their vests and books. . . They had to recite the following to earn them:
Motto: Jesus Loves Me
1 John 4:10: God loved us and sent his Son.
Romans 3:23: All Have Sinned.
Romans 5:8: While we were sinners Christ died for us.

Here is Elijah getting his vest ("thumbs up!"
Here's Lydia getting hers.

The proud Cubbies--"Mom--its official! I am a cubbie now!" (Elijah)No idea what was up with her hair today--crazy wild. They must have had a lot of fun at game time.

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