Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Jeebies Jeebies!

We went through the toys yesterday in the playroom to find things to donate to our friends yard sale. They are adapting a special needs child from China and need to raise money to cover the costs. While we were cleaning up we came across a spider cricket, which I caught and put outside. Bethy thought it was fun to go and let it jump outside.

We came across another one and I caught it in a bucket. Bethany was so excited--she was holding the bucket and painting at it and saying "Hi cicket" again and again. I told her to stop poking at it that it would jump, but she kept on after it. It jumped out of the bucket and landed on her face. She started screaming
"It bite me it bite me!!!" I got it off and she continued screaming and shaking. I tried to calm her down and said,
"It didn't bite you--those were just its legs. Crickets don't bite. You just have the Heebie Jeebies."
She responded with "A jeebies jeebies--yuk, cicket a jeebies jeebies me!"

We found the poor traumatized cricket a few minutes later and I called to Bethy--"Look here's our cricket!"

she looked at me, looked at the cricket, stomped her foot and said "Sqish it!"

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