Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beachin' it

It is becoming a new tradition, the annual mommy and kids October Beach trip. The water is still warm enough to get wet, the days are warm (we had temps in the low-80's for most of the week) and the crowds are non-existent. I love it!

I have yet to figure out Blogger's logic in uploading prints so here for your viewing pleasure, in no particular order, some pics from the week . . .

Elijah on the sound at low tide.Grampy and Granny joined us Thursday night and stayed through the weekend. It was fun to have them with us.

We carved a "fish" pumpkin.

We went to the indoor pool twice and got some great new underwater shots of EJ and Lydia.

Went to Fort Macon and the beach there. The tidal pools were a big hit with the kids.

While waiting for Granny and Grampy to get there Thursday night I may or may not have let the kids put a little bubble bath and then turn on the jacuzzi jets making a SUPER bubbly bath to play in.

Granny and the kids at a tidal pool. I LOVE the fact that Lydia is chasing Bethy and trying to push her down. Snapshot of real life, let me tell you!
Baby on a sand dune.
Before Granny and Grampy came I wasn't brave enough to do indoor pool but we totally rocked the beach. We went three times. It was great!

I am having a hard time figuring out if Bethy likes the beach or not, do you think THIS expression gives a clue--that is one beach lovin' baby!

And its coming... I can almost taste it it is so close . . . the day when I can pose the children and say smile and get the desired response without having to do something silly like fake sneeze a bucket off my head. Its coming, but its not quite here.
And that is our beach trip in a nutshell.

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MonicaHughston said...


I LOVE your blog! Your family is beautiful :) I'm so glad we are in a group together, I can't wait to get to know you better!!