Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Busy Weekend

Last Week we got the playground--its been a long 3 months without it! We were missing our little backyard refuge. When the guy installed it he had to dig to make it level and it was pouring rain. The girls didn't mind so much but EJ flipped out at getting his feet wet. Bethy was thrilled to be big enough to use the double swing now.

We got slightly muddy--and I ended up feeding the kids dinner AFTER bath because they were that nasty.
I absolutely love how EJ is pouting inthe background.
A day later--once things were dry--Elijah was happy to have it back. Here he is with DRY feet and a smile.
We carved our pumpkin on Saturday. It was fun for the girls but Elijah wanted nothing to do with the slimy pumpkin guts. He was also mad that we switched the smile for the pumpkin to make it happy instead of mean.

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