Monday, October 03, 2011

Not Me Monday!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I didn't spend almost $200 at Trader Joes getting mostly food that is easy and quick to cook for our beach trip next week. It also didn't take me an hour to get there because I totally know that Saturday Night traffic is horrendous. I am not planning to go to the beach for a whole week with the three kids by myself and homeschool a whole unit based on the beach. Nope--I would never use an excuse like that to spend a week at the beach. I am also not planning to use every minute of my time down there helping the children to learn to obey immediately the first time I ask something like I have been reading on a blog. Nope! I am NOT crazy!

This week I didn't spend Friday baking cookies with Elijah, making pizza dough and baking just one other thing. We don't ever get the bug and just spend most of the day in the kitchen letting the kids make a huge mess with flour and sugar and cracking thier own eggs and licking beaters. Not us!

I also didn't wallow in a corn pit, ride a cow train 4 times and go down a huge underground slide and actually enjoy it :) Stuff like that is only for the kids to enjoy.

What didn't you do?

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Paper Blessings said...

LOL! Don't you enjoy that homeschool unit on the beach, oh no, not you! LOL. Isn't homeschooling great?

Found your blog through the blog link up at MckMama's Not Me Mondays! Following your blog now! :)