Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tired out!

Monsters are stealing my sleep. Lydia comes in our room two or three times a night, sleeps in our bed for a few minutes then we tuck her back in once her tornado actions has hit F5 levels and we can't stand it any longer.
Bethy is cheerful and just oing through the wonderful "NO!" and "MYSELF DO IT!" phase of toddlerhood. Trying on any day, down right impossible to deal with when sleep deprived.
Elijah is fighting naps, getting up at the same time and trying to stay awake later and later. Not a good combo.
This morning it all came together in that perfect scenario of chaos. We were making cookies and all three were being selfish about the bowl and licking the dough up. I removed the bowl after a warning and put in in the sink and all three melted down. Kicking, screaming, punching, hollering melt down. A bad enough meltdown that daddy heard it in the shower! Bad enough that daddy addressed Elijah and told him NOT to speak to his mother that way.
I called the fire department and told them that we wouldn't be able to come today.
An hour later everyone had cooled off and we started on school. Stubborn doesn't even begin to describe Elijah today. I persevered and he eventually finished all his work. Meanwhile, in the 4 hours it took to do school (normally takes maybe an hour of solid work) the sissies had TRASHED the downstairs. Toys everywhere. Bethany got the stickers and peeled the backs off of about 500 of them and decorated a box. They were playing so nicely and I hated to break up the fun. I am regretting that decision now and I am procrastinating cleaning up the mess by blogging now that I finally got them into bed.
Super short naps--Lydia fought me for a good hour. How can a girl who is up over half the night with monsters be so stubborn about naps? Then she snuck in my bed and peed everywhere when she finally fell asleep and woke up screaming bloody murder because she was wet, cold and had no idea why she wasn't in her own bed. UGH!
Hauled the kids off to a park to burn off thier energy and so they couldn't destroy the house any further. Meltdowns ensued when we left the park (after almost 3 hours!).
Thankfully, a good talk in the car about gratefulness and choosing your own attitudes actually worked. I told them that instead of pitching a fit they should have said: "Thank you mommy for the fun trip to the park and for packing us a picnic!" By the time they got home everyone was grins and giggles and bedtime went off without a hitch.
Whew! I am tired. Now to get a shovel and clean up the mess, do the dishes, dry my sheets and comforter and make the bed and then SLEEP (at least until the monsters launch their first attack around midnight!)

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