Sunday, October 02, 2011

Vollmer Farm

We splurged and went as a family on Saturday to Vollmer Farms. We are very happy we did! It was really worth the $13 each price tag for a ticket to the "Back 40"
We took a bench ride (there was no hay)--the tractor was quiet and Lydia didn't even cover her ears!
At the end of the trip (not sure why these posted first) we got to go into the pesticide free field and pick our own pumpkins. It was neat. The kids wanted a pumpkin that they could pick up themselves so we got out of there with under $4 in pumpkin!

The olders took a couple of bites of ice cream and then let Bethany ahve the rest. I think her face says it all!
On the way back (after playing for 4 hours) the children were too tired and hungry and thirsty to walk. Note to self: bring the cooler with us!
Justin took this picture--I love it!! Me and Lydia are in the background as Elijah runs to go again. No one wussed out on the slide. They all did it! I was so surprised--even Lydia did it. The giant slide and the corn "beach" we're Elijah's favorites. Bethany just cackled with glee on the way down and then, before we even got out the hole at the bottom was screaming "again peese!"
The "cow Train" by far was Lydia and Bethany's favorite. Lydia rode 5 times, two times completely solo. Bethany wouldn't sit in anyones lap and rode 4 times. She did great! She loved the bumpy ride and the speed. She was just laughing. i was absolutely shocked Lydia liked it--the tractor was loud the cars were metal and loud and we went over gravel. The guy giving the ride was CRAZY! It was so much fun. He really whipped it and gave a good 10 minute ride. Unfortunately Elijah rode in the back car and got motion sick after just one ride. It was his LEAST favorite ride.

Corn beach was EJ's favorite and a close second for the girls. It was so much fun. I didn't have the freak out factor I thought I would imagining corn everywhere. I did get a handfull down my pants and when we bathed the kids I picked up 17 pieces that were stuck to them in various places.

It was a great time and we will be going back next year. Hopefully with grandparents in tow!

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