Friday, November 18, 2011

Beaching Beaching :)

We headed to Wilmington last Friday to check out the aquarium and visit with cousin Bradley and cousin Tracy. It was fun. Vetrans day is one of the "free" days though so the aquarium was swamped. It was really tough! I felt like the kids were being completely wild and out of control. They are used to "our" aquarium and I NEVER plan for outings like this during the afternoon. Expecting them to drive 3 hours to the beach, have lunch out with a cousin then be obedient in the aquarium was a huge error on my part. EJ ended up melting down during snack time before we left and I was just mortified. He did an all out screaming, crying, sobbing rant. It was horrible. I knew I had just pushed him past the breaking point. I feel guilty when my desire for fun turns out that way. Thankfully they kids all got a second wind, had a great trip home, ate well and had fun playing. We all slept in one room which meant that none of us really slept all that well.

On the way back to Wilson I called Justin and he was SICK. I didn't want to catch it so the kids and I plugged in Atlantic Beach on the new tom Tom (early bday present from my parents--AWESOME!!!) and headed to the beach house. Who knew that it was going to be high 70's in November?? It sure was nice though!
a little fun in the sun was just what the doctor ordered!

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