Monday, November 28, 2011

A Day in the Life

So I saw this on another blog and thought I would do my own "Day in the Life" so that in a year or two years or ten years I can look back and see what my life was like.
2am: Lydia comes in my room after a nightmare, she flips and flops around instead of going back to sleep.
3:30am: Still flipping I put Lydia back in her room, she isn't asleep but at least I can sleep.
4am: Bethany comes down the hall, I put her back in bed.
5am: Lydia comes in, she is still awake and hungry and wants to know if its morning time. I tell her to have quiet time in her room until I get her.
5:30am: Daddy hears the banging and comes up, turns off her light and puts both girls in bed.
5:45am: Elijah is up, gets his sissies up and we start our morning.
6am: Breakfast--this morning it was cooked meuseli, normally its cereal and milk. Daddy ususally gets breakfast started and gets the coffee brewing. Daddy normally also helps with the mornings dishes if the kids have eaten quickly.
7am: Daddy heads upstairs to get ready, we start playing and I get Elijah started on homeschool. Coloring sheets are his favorite so he does those first. I try and check emails and I check the calendar for what we have to do today.
7:15 am: Math--usually 2 or 3 lessons in his Horizen's cirriculum while the girls play toys, crawl over us, make huge messes.
7:30am: Reading--Usually I read a story to get us started and then do the reading in 100 easy lessons with the girls and Elijah picks a level 1 or 2 book to read. If he's tired or grumpy we do it so I read a page then he reads a page.
FREE PLAY--get the bugs out and make a big mess. Daddy usually comes down around 8am and we say goodbye to him as he heads to work. Elijah will show daddy some work and usually send him off with a drawing.
8:15am: Writing, Lydia practices letters, Elijah does his workbook and Bethany colors.
8:30am: Craft/stories/free play/chores--if we have to dust or vacuum or do laundry this is when it gets done. I might also let them watch a program if I need a shower. Today we got all the Chrismtas clothes put in drawers and unpacked from our weekend away.
8:45 Spelling with Elijah while the girls continue playing or do "stations" with activity bags
9am: Snack
9:15am: Free Play or errands. Grocery once a week, sometimes pet smart if we have guinea pig needs.
10am: Playdate or Storytime at the library or outing to the park or cul-de-sac to play. Backyard play. Today we put up Chrismtas lights.
11: 45 I put on a program so I can make lunch
12pm: lunch
12:20 I clean up and the kids play, working on quietly calming down for naptime
12:45 I read stories and try and get everyone napping. Ej and Lydia lay in their rooms and I have to hold and rock Bethany until she falls asleep--usually about 45 minutes. The biggest drawback to no paci and a big girl bed :(
If it is before 1:30 I will try and nap, if not I will start cleaning up and doing chores or check FB and email.
2pm: Elijah is up and we play and have alone time together, might do school stuff if we missed it in the morning.
2:30pm Lydia and Bethany get up. Wake up time and snack.
3pm: Bible time! We learn our Cubbies verses and do a devotion/coloring sheet/craft
3:30pm: Free play or a program or outside time. Chore time.
5:30pm: Program while I start on dinner
6pm: Dinner
6:30pm Bath time
7pm This is when daddy gets home on an early night. Otherwise its just us. Stories, snuggles, bible and bed.
7:45 pm kids asleep
8pm I start cleaning up from dinner/crafts.
9pm I fold laundry and watch something on Netflix while I wait for Justin to get home.
10pm Justin gets home on the late nights, we watch something on Netflix or Hulu while he eats
11pm Bedtime

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