Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble Take One

We woke up this morning and started in on the baking. If there is one thing I've learned is that we can get the baking done quickly but the clean up takes me all day. I have champion taste testers and they are big helpers, cracking eggs, dumping sugar and flour and more. I love to cook with them.

We made a pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, chocolate cappuccino cake with icing (I sold one for Wilson this weekend), two sweet potato casseroles and a big pile of herbed corn. YUM!

We had whipping cream left over so I made some whipped cream. Elijah walked in, read the container, saw the sugar and vanilla out and yelled "Cool Whip!! All right!" I was doubly impressed that we didn't end up making sweet vanilla butter from over whipping the cream since I had three very enthusiastic helpers for that.

My potato peelers--I baked the whole pan of spuds, coated in crisco, last night. They were cooled off and ready for the little hands this morning.

Beautiful! I don't have any idea how to make a pretty edge on my pie but I just got some leaf cutters from Wilton and the girls and I went to town putting leaf cutouts of dough around the edge. I think it is very nice!! Even put some on top of the sweet potato pie so I could remember which is which.

Last night, BEFORE cleaning up the day's messes, I allowed myself some craft time. I am pretty sure if the cuteness police come knocking I am going to get locked up. All three kids will be sporting these (elijah has a grey tshirt instead of a white turtleneck and no bow on his turkey.) I can't wait!!

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Alysun said...

Hmmm, your pies look delish!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving:)