Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Last Thursday, I got back form MOPS with the kiddos and saw a FB message from Lori, a fellow Summit Church member asking about a cake for FRIDAY. Normally I don't do cakes on such short notice but she mentioned that another friend, Judianne, had recommended me because they needed something without eggs. I spoke with her and got the details . . . 400 people, new restaurant catering event and a bakery that wanted to charge $1500 to do the cake. Um-yeah-crazy. She talked with the restaurant owner and he agreed to pay me $300 for one nights work, buy all the ingredients with me and give me free reign in his kitchen and use of his staff.

Let me just say, I do NOT do spur of the moment. But I did. I said "Yes" I quickly packed the kids' stuff up, told them they were skipping naps, called Justin, and headed out the door for one of the most awesome experiences ever!

Dropped off the kids, swapped the car with Justin so he could pick them up and headed to the restaurant.

It got off to a rocky start. He was supposed to meet me at 4pm but didn't get there until after 5. We got lost on the way to the grocery in 5pm downtown Raleigh traffic with me driving. We finally got our stuff and I got to the kitchen. Got in the kitchen and there was ONE oven--one, only enough to bake 4 layers at a time. I had to make 22 layers. Each one had to bake for 40 minutes. It was feeling a little like "Kitchen Impossible"!! They only had one very small mixer (smaller than one I had at home) but it was all I had to work with so I got started mixing, buttering, making cake. While the cakes cooked I prepared the fillings and icing. As soon as I got layers out I put more in. I had a little assembly line going on. It was fun!!! I kept a smile on the whole time!!! I didn't have to wash a single dish and they were literally showering me with praise and good (SPICY) food! 55 cups of flour, 16 lbs of sugar, 7 cups of butter . . .oh yeah!

by the end of the night we had 6 HUGE cakes (3 layers each of cake, one layer of a honey ball Indian dessert and another dairy dessert from India with icing and fruit garnish on the top). Unfortunately by the time I rescued my camera from my purse in his office all of the 6 masterpieces had been put in the fridge and I wasn't allowed in that part of the kitchen. I did however manage to snap a pic of the flowers for the sheet cake. How pretty huh?

Anyway--I walked in our house at midnight. 5 solid hours of cooking and decorating. It was AWESOME!

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Alysun said...

Wow!! You continue to amaze me:)