Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mamens again

The "Mamen" is back! Tonight Bethany prayed--little fingers laced together. "Thank God ah-ah food--mamen" (Thank you God for our food-Amen) Boy have I missed those. Both Lydia and Elijah had "mamens" for a while.

The Cutest Grils I know. . .

My cute little girls. From thier sassy attitudes to their cute curls I love 'em. Lydia--after a particularly horrible night--was feeling rather cooperative and let me braid her hair. Super cute! She dressed herself today and called herslef "polka-dot princess" becuase even her socks were polka dotted and because we had no polkd-dot panties she wore princess ones.
This little cutey is talking more each day. Her newest one is exploding bunnies--What does a bunny say? "Pop-pop-pop!"
They were going on a vacation trip and that was her vacation hat. Elijah was grinding sidewalk chalk to make pixie dust to help them fly. This was AFTER he uncovered a nest of what we think were black widow spider babies and had over 100 of them crawling on him. He did not get bitten though!
And our newest little monkey. Quite proud of herself for being able to climb now.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sneaky snakes

Bethany is cracking us up with her animal impressions . . .
"What does a cow say?" -"boooooooooo"
"What does a chicken say?" --"bock bock"
"What does a monkey say?"--"oh ah eeeeeee"

and yesterday--"What does a snake say?"---"shhhhhhhhhh"
Elijah popped up with "Her's must have sneaky snakes!"

Monday, March 21, 2011


Justin got a new job in Raleigh and our house is on the market. If you know anyone looking for a fabulous home with new vinyl windows and a brand new rof let us know!! Its listing for $159,900 and I'll have a link to the MLS listing as soon as its up. Postings are probably going to get even rarer as I try and keep the house showable with three little ones and a hubby who's commute will leave me solo with the kids from wake up until bedtime for a while.

Lydia on Diego

" Mom! Diego is gonna be in trouble! He's telling that whale to 'mash a bible!'"--Lydia, 3--I go and look and he's singing "Mas abajo . . mas abajo"

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cow Cutey

Went to Chick-Fil-A last night for the first time in months. The olders through we should dress Beth up in her "cow-baby" costume. I think she's adorable! She even said "ooooooo" when you asked her what a cow said.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Today . . .

Bethany has roared like a Lion, counted "one . . . two . . .three", said "Hi plumber!" to the plumber, winked on command, blown kisses on command, called me "mama", called "Lydia", called for "ji-jah", said "paci", "lovey", "Tiger" (it was a lion but still), "puppy benty" (puppy Bentley our neighbors dog), signed eat, fisnished, more, swing, open, said "uppy duppy I done!" when she wanted up from the high chair, played peek-a-boo, obeyed my command to "go and get a cup and lid and bring it to me" and brought me a matching cup and lid, obeyed me when I told her to "pick up your baby doll and put her in the cradle" and gone upstairs when I said "go upstairs--you need a fresh diaper", told me to "Blow Beth down. I turn now" when we were flopping on the bed, and so much more.

My 14 month old is amazing. I love watching her blossom, understand, communicate and be her own person!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Matthew 4:19 . . .Thoughts of a 4 year old

"So mom . . .when you're fishing for men do you have to use worms or can you use something else . . .like a hamburger?"-Elijah, 4 1/2