Sunday, April 24, 2011

Timothy Trent Lane

My older brother died yesterday. He will be missed. He was loved.

This is truly a wonderful Easter! Today Timbo is rejoicing in Heaven with his creator--whole in body and mind. I am especially blessed because of my assurance of salvation I know I will see him again someday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It is a mystery to me . . .how can kids who balk at getting into a lukewarm bath not even flinch at the thought of FREEZING cold hose water?
We were filling up the pool to let it sit in the sun so we could play in the WARM water this afternoon and of course the kids' couldn't wait. They got their clothing soaked and then wanted their warm bellies. Swimming turned into experimenting and they crafted concoctions of leaves, sand and dirt at the picnic table. 3 hours later I pulled their pruney, blue bodies out of the backyard, scraped off the bulk of the mess with towels and fed them lunch. You'd think after that, getting up at 5am and getting snuggled down good would have led to productive naps but alas they were but an hour. Another one of lifes mysteries, how on earth my children can keep going and going and going without caffiene!! Anyway, here's some pics from the morning of fun.

Early morning craft time . . .all the masks were made before daddy even left for work. Us Denton's know how to have fun at 6am!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Not Me Monday . . .

Been a long time and I need a little "not" therapy this week :)

I have not given my three year old "beets on toast" three mornings this past week. Nope I don't think pickled beets are a healthy breakfast and I certainly don't smile when she makes "princess toast" by dipping dry toast into the pink juice. And speaking of breakfasts I don't make her a cup of coffee either to get her to drink her milk.

I didn't go visit my grandpa for the first time in 14 years--no way! I would never wait that long between visits to Norfolk. We also didn't call 911 at 1am on saturday night because there were 4 gunshots from his neighbors house. I am certainly not MORE sleep deprived after my first weekend away from my children than I usually am.

I didn't pick the most awful weekend ever to go away from my kids for the first time...tornadoes, gunshots, mom getting a spider bite and spending the weekend throwing up, food poisioning for me and a stomach virus for hubby and nana led to a fantastic weekend to be away.

And the most wonderful thing I did NOT do. Enjoy every flippin' minute of dining out without having to consider who likes what and who napped when and did I have a diaper, coloring book, wet wipes and who was using their inside voice. Nope--multi-tasking during eating out is one of my most favorite things. I also didn't enjoy NOT sharing my food with three little munchies who want a bite of everything of mine.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lydia on Heaven

I had to get 4 splinters out of Elijah tonight--he is a complete wuss--he was screaming "I'm dying I'm dying--you're killing me with the needle mommy!"

Lydia is sitting there watching and pipes up cheerfully "Tell Jesus 'Hello'!" You know . . .since he was dying and all.

I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. Thankfully a 4-year old left hook to the chest snapped me out of it and I was able to return to the task at hand.


Today we headed on an unplanned trip to Vollmer Farms in Bunn, NC. We'd never been but after a bad reaction from EJ to the pesticides used at our local berry place we completely missed out last year on fresh picked berries. Vollmer farms is ORGANIC!!! Yay--no yucky stuff. As you can see the kids had a blast picking berries--Bethy did more eating than picking but she got it down pretty quick that she wanted just the red ones. The picking weather was glorious today--only about 70 degrees so no one got sweaty and there were only two or three other families there so no one got lost in the shuffle or overwhelmed.

A picture of me courtesy of Elijah

I thought this was absolutely hilarious--the sign said "Please weigh your children prior to picking" It was a joke but in Bethany's case we actualy owed $1.50 extra for what she consumed in the field. Elijah didn't eat any berries until we paid for them but he dove into the Banana pudding ice cream. Delicious!!
The girls begged to get tomatoes before we left. What can I say--my girls love tomatoes!
Lydia walked in the store eating hers and three people saw her and all three walked over to the tomatoes. She was very convincing--and very vocal--about how 'alicious her tomato was.

Bethany loved the farm and expecially the "boos" across the street. (cows). She kept pointing and saying "boo boooo!!!!"

We stayed 3 hours. Picking took about 20 minutes (up one row and down the other to get a full bucket). We played on the swings and the fort and the little picnic tables. Ate our ice cream. Enjoyed outselves and headed home.

It was a perfect afternoon except that Bethany fell and skinned her knee and Lydia fell out of the swing and did a belly flop and knocked her air out, Elijah got 4 splinters in a finger and all three children SCREAMED for 15 of the 40 minutes driving home. My kids really don't do well in the car.

We rounded up the day by baking a cake for a certain nana, having dinner at 4:45pm and baths and bed by 6pm. I rocked both girls to sleep and just loved it!! I was tired, they were grumpy, and we just snuggled and I hummed and rocked and they sacked out. Sweet baby snuggs are one of the best things EVER! I just stared at thier little faces and tried to burn it deep in my memory bank to pull out when they are teenagers and driving me nuts. My precious baby angels!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meet George

Meet George.

He grew up in Wilson.

He lives in the woods.

He goes through people's trash and recycling to find cans to take to the recycling center where he gets $.80/lb. This is his only job.

I first "met" George about a month ago when he was riding against the flow of traffic in front of the hospital with two HUGE garbage bags balanced on his bike. I was angry. He almost made me wreck--busy traffic, he was coming at me and I practically had to stop the car because I couldn't swing out to pass him. The car behind me wasn't paying good attention and almost rear ended me with all three children in the car. I was angry at him. I ranted, I raved--If you are on the road you should be able to get a ticket. I still feel this way. All those on the road should obey the laws and bikes need to ride WITH the flow of traffic, pediastrians need to walk AGAINST the flow of traffic.

I saw him again last week riding through our neighborhood searching through the recycling bins. I felt so sad for him. It was cold. I complain because of all my stuff and how I hate this new commute and how tired I am. I don't have to provide for my family this way. It isn't fair.

I saw him today--one of his bags had split on Forest Hills road and there were cans everywhere. He bungee cords them to the handlebars and balances 5-10 bags in front of him. His bike is falling apart. I started crying. I put on my hazard lights, pulled over and asked him to come to my house.

Beth and I turned around, drove home and walked the three blocks to where he was still trying to pick up his cans. We walked and he rode to our house. I opened the garage, moved our BOXES of stuff and got my bike (well really hubby's bike as mine has 2 flat tires) and the kids bike trailer. He just looked at me. I told him I was giving these things to him. I told him to pile the bags in the trailer and not the handlebars and to ride with the traffic.

You know what I HATE. I hate that George looked surprised when I shook his hand and talked to him like a human. I hate that George thought that I was kidding about the bike. I hate that George started crying when I handed him Bethany to hold while I did something (he was just thrilled to hold a baby). I hate that there was nothing else Icould do to help him.

But there is . . .

George is coming to my house next Wednesday. George needs big black garbage bags for his cans. George needs steel cans. Do you have any steel cans in your recycling? Do you have any large black yard bags? Could you crush your cans and bring them to my house this week so George can earn a little bit of extra income?

Sunday, April 03, 2011

The House Hunt

First of all--be sure to check out and refer all your friends to so that we can get THIS house sold. Yesterday we went house browsing in Raleigh. Just me and Justin. Elijah is having a granny/grampy weekend at the beach--just him! The sissies went to nana and papa's for good spoiling. Knowing our kids were in good hands let us just relax and really enjoy the trip. It was so much fun. I could do open houses every weekend. I love getting inspired by the homes and how others have decorated. I digress. . . .we were basically going to see what our budget would get us in Raleigh. Our only non-negotiable is 4 bedrooms. I want to sleep again sometime this century :) Everything else is a bonus. We saw a lot of homes and I have to say the realtor really paid attention to our "wish list." Only one home didn't have some sort of covered parking. Only two of the 7 had the open floorplan that I really despise. Everything else was great. My biggest shocker was the lot size. We are very spoiled by our HUGE lot and the kids are really used to the running around space and the yard being fenced in. We were looking at stuff on .1 acre. That isn't even big enough for a swingset! Other than that we were very excited. Everything we saw was about the same size house we have here. Obviously that is a little less living space because of the extra bedroom but I am willing to pay just about any price for a full nights sleep again. We obviously need to do more research on the schools (year round and having 3 kids on possibly 3 different tracks is NIGHTMARISH!!) but all of the neighborhoods had sidewalks. We saw lots and lots of families out playing around. It was so exciting. We love our neighborhood now but there is no one for the kids to play with and no safe place to ride bikes so that is a huge plus of moving to Raleigh. There were also several neighborhoods with pools and parks in them. How cool would that be?? Being able to stroll to the park and meet neighbors. All in all I think that when the time comes we are really going to enjoy being in Raleigh. Right now I am stressing over the start of school and moving and possibly messing up Elijah's kindergarten year but I know I just need to relax and wait on God. We had talked about possibly getting a bridge loan but after thinking and praying have decided to revert to the original plan and just wait on this house to sell before looking in Raleigh. If it means an interrupted K year it will be OK. If it means a month or two with stuff in storage and living with family or in a hotel it will be OK. I am excited about this change in our life and know that it will be good for all of us. Right now the kids aren't really happy about everything being packed up and having to keep the house clean and the idea of moving farter than 5 minutes from grandparents but I think it will be good for them to be in a new place with new friends. Its always nice to stretch outside your comfort zone. We'll also be going back to the Summit Church (where we got married!) and the kids will be a part of that awesome ministry too. Psyched!