Friday, May 27, 2011


Bethany is "attending" things--like attending to be a cat or a dog or like tonight:
"I attend cheese . . . .Aaaaaaaa-choooooo! "
Translation: I pretend sneeze---achoo!

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Its summer--for us that means homemade popsicles!! The kids love 'em!! This year we broke in the popsicle molds with a concoction of mashed banana, chocolate chips and a ribbon of peanut butter goodness. Can I just say-delicious!!! The kids' agreed.
Today we had a couple of friends over to paint. I cut up some sponges and had the bright idea to let the kids stamp them with paint. Of course it started out alright . . . they did just what I pictured.
even Bethany wanted to get in on the stamping fun.
By the end of the 10 minute session my baby looked like this, Lydia had blue hair and her arms were covered and we broke out the sprinkler and bubbles to clean them off. Good times. I was patting myself on the back for doing it outside. Thankfully the rain held off and we were able to get it all cleanedup before the rain came.
I love to craft with the kids I just wish it lasted longer. The cleanup for this 10 minute activity was 45 minutes. The ratio of work to play is just not good on this one. Although it did make for some cute pics!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bethy Pee Pee

Yesterday Bethany came running into the bathroom . . "Bethy Pee Pee. Potty Pee Pee" so I unsnapped her onesie and took off her diaper and let her try. Success!! Ahhh. . .the end of diapers is in sight :)

Check out the photo of Lydia at 15 months doing exactly the same thing . . boy you can tell those two are sisters!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Not sure of our schedule this week since we're getting rooms stripped of wallpaper and painted. It amazes me that we've lived with crappy 70's wallpaper, stained carpets and no railings for 8 years in this house and only now that we are trying to GET RID OF IT are we making these improvements. Kinda wish we'd done it long ago so that we could have enjoyed it a bit more. Lesson learned for the new house . . . go ahead and make it nice for yourself instead of waiting. The railing on the back steps is wonderful! Shampooed carpets are nice!!!

The kids and I will be OUT of the house while the painters are painting. I can't deal with EJ's reactions on top of it all.

Should be an otherwise busy week as well. Cake class starts Tuesday night. My last semester teaching it--makes me so sad. Elijah graduates on Thursday night. No more preschool for my little man. How on earth do I have a KINDERGARTNER?? Things are moving right along . . . couple of camps planned for the kids the summer and a whole lot of nothing is on the agenda. My kinda summer :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Caution--this is a negative complaining rant about selling the house. I don't have much positive to say and I am just writing it down so I remember!

The house has been on the market for 7 weeks now. 7 weeks of making the bed, washing every dirty dish the minute it gets dirty, vacuuming and dusting way more than I used to, 90% of the kids toys being packed away, no sewing machine, no books or bookshelves . . . .its been a big adjustment. When we decided to put the house on the market when Justin got his new job it was a lot of sleepless nights. We were up until 1or 2am packing, arranging and getting the house showable. We felt a huge urgency to get the pictures taken, get the repairs we'd been putting off made and get it listed. Now 7 weeks later and we haven't had a single showing. It is horribly disappointing. All the stress, all the cleaning, for NOTHING!! Grrrrr! To top it off we've dropped the price by $10,000 so if it sells for what we're asking we will be out about $30,000 from the upgrades and repairs. Not cool :( The only real consolation is that we've been here 7 years in July so that averages out to $357 a month--cheaper than what we would have spent on renting a place.

The kids miss their toys and are trying to get used to our new schedule with Justin commuting. Some nights they are asleep before he gets home. Thankfully, they have stopped getting up at 4:30or 5am to try and see him before work. They were just so worried they would miss him in the morning. Needless to say with all the extra work of keeping the house clean, starting my day with exceptionally grouchy sleep deprived children on top of being sleep deprived myself was not a good combination!

We took a much needed break and went to the beach house during spring break to decompress. I did dishes at night after everyone else was in bed. I didn't make the beds. The kids had about a million toys out and I just kicked them to the side every night. It was bliss!

Now we're back and in our groove. The beds are made. One toy at a time. LOTS of playing outside to keep the inside nice. A guaranteed breakfast with daddy at 6:30am before work so they don't get up at dark-thirty (though often they still do ). The promise of getting to stay up until daddy gets home if they nap well has worked well most days.

The house is staying relatively clean. It is much easier to keep clean when the rooms are pretty much empty. If we don't use it often it is already packed up.

I moved 8 times in 6 years in college. I don't mind moving. I have never before tried to sell a house though. I think this is harder by far. I like packing and unpacking and purging all that you don't need, but living with 1/2 my stuff packed up, missing it at least weekly and making due without is hard. The limbo. To top it off it still feels like so far at least it is all for nothing since we haven't had even a nibble on the house.

I know God's timing is perfect but I don't like this limbo. It is hard on all of us. Elijah is especially upset about every little change and these are some BIG changes he's had to deal with. He is acting out frequently and I have a lot less patience since I am so stressed too. I am also concerned about school--he's supposed to start kindergarten in the Fall and I don't want to screw it up for him. I'm also ready to have dinner as a family again, do my Arbonne on the weeknights again, have my husband back home instead of driving 3 hours a day and to just be settled.

I'm going to talk with Justin tonight about painting some rooms (or rather hiring someone to do it) to make our house look more "updated" and get rid of the wallpaper. Hoping a better presence online in the pictures will translate to more potential buyers coming by. Just really looking forward to getting past this phase and into the next one and grasping at anything that I think might make the house look nicer.

If you know of anyone looking for a wonderful 3br 2.5 ba house with new window, new roof, freshly shampooed carpets, formal living and dining, den and soon to be an awesome paint job send them our way. Also got a 1 car attached garage, fabulous screened room off the back and a wired garage/ourbuilding in the back with a fenced in yard. Its a steal at only $149,900!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

If you are going to San Fransisco . . .

I taught Lydia the fine art of clover crowns fit for a fairy princess (see header).

The Peonies (aka Panties) are in bloom and they are beautiful. The girls and I had a blast this afternoon smelling them.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Today, she really liked the cookies we made and she was saying "meeee-yuuuuuum" instead of Yummmmy!

Last night, after about 100 knock knock jokes from Elijah and Lydia she piped up with
Beth: "conk conk"
Me: "Who's there?"
Beth "Bah-by"
Me: "Baby who?"
Beth: "Baby go poo-poo!"

Her brother just about died laughing. "Poop" is one of the funniest words in the world to a 4 year old like him and Bethany had perfect comedic timing. Of couse this was followed by about 5 more "conk conk" jokes with different people ("Daddy, Bampy, Mommy, Lydia, Lijie") going poo-poo with the same hilarious response from her brother and sister. I have to admit, I almost peed my pants when she came up with the first one. I had no idea that my little 16 month old could have such great timing.

She is tlaking so much. She'll come up and just say a whole sentance. I can usually get one or two words out of it but she knows what she's trying to say. Sometimes she is really clear--"Lydia-no touch me!" Clear as day. "read me pee-pie book mommy" "I no like ___________" "I munt __________" Its great.

Beach Pics

We also Kyacked and went to the pool with Granny and grampy. Fun times!

Beachin' It

We had a blast at the beach for a week. The trip got off to a rocky start . . . the kids didn't nap on the way down as I had hoped so early bedtimes were planned. We decided to walk to the "quiet sea" (the sound) before dinner and Lydia took off her too-tight water shoes, walked about three steps and stepped on an oyster bed. She sliced open the bottom of two toes. I put the screaming baby in the wagon, tried to calm Elijah down (he was screaming "Her's is gonna die!!"), scooped Lydia up and put her in the wagon, strapped EJ's water shirt on her gushing foot and high-tailed it back to the beach house. I put on a video, grabbed a snack for the others and addressed the foot. I couldn't see anything for the blood . . . it was just gushing. 20 minutes later I got it to stop bleeding but it was filthy and I was worried so I packed everyone up and went to Urgent care. 4 hours later we walked out with a clean foot (they had to get all the oyster bits out), glued and taped shut and a prescription for antibiotics. We headed to Dairy queen at 8pm and had dippy cones for dinner (their reward for behaving in the Urgent Care). Picked up the perscription at the Walgreens drive thru and headed home. They got in bed around 10pm--so much for early bedtimes!! Of course they were up before 6am the next day. . . they are Denton children after all!

We went to the aquarium and then the crab Shack. Bethy was sooooo tired from the late night, no morning nap and hiking the nature trail that she was falling asleep in the car. That is UNHEARD of! Both she and Lydia fell asleep on the way home from lunch and we all took a great nap.

Alysun and her munchkins showed up the next day (Wednesday) and we went to the quiet sea, the beach and the aquarium again while they were there. It was so much fun! I couldn't believe the boys got in the ocean to play but they did. I can't wait until they go back down with us again!

Granny and Grampy showed up on Friday afternoon and we had a great time over the weekend with them. The kids were sad to go on Sunday. We're back int he groove but wishing we were back at the beach. As soon as preschool is over we'll be headed back I am sure.