Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bethy on Bagels

Last Friday, we dropped the olders off at "Friday school" (our homeschool co-op.) Bethy and I were going to head home and chill out there since she and the olders were going to Granny and Grampy's that afternoon. I hadn't grabbed the bags or anything before we left. We pull out of the parking lot and Bethy yells "Panera Pit Stop!" The first week we'd gone to Streets at Southpoint because it is only about 5 minutes from the co-op and I wanted to be close in case the kiddos freaked and I had to go back and pick them up.

"We're headed home, not the mall today. We've got to go and get the bags with your clohtes so you can go to Granny's house." I told her.

She immediately responded: "Granny has clothes. I need a bagel."

So we went to the mall (how can you argue with that cute logic) and we rode the excalator for 73 round trips, got a bagel and played at the little indoor area there.

The security guard just laughed as we made trip after trip of up and down and up and down. He told me what a patient mom I was to let her do it. I explained that it had been 8 months since she had just me to herself and now she only got it for 3 hours a week so we did whatever she wanted to do. If that was riding the escalators, then so be it.

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