Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Egg-citing lunch . . . or not

Elijah likes hard-boiled eggs. When we go to the Chinese Buffet he gets one to eat every time. Yesterday we didn't have too much to choose from for lunch so I decided to boil 3 eggs and see if they would eat them. Elijah comes to the table and starts screaming.
"Its not right. You can't cook those. Only Chinese has eggs. You have to have a bunch in ice and pick them up with tongs. You can't have them at home on your plate and no ice."

No amount of talking would convince him that it was the same thing. He was sobbing and competely distraught.

The girls saw his reaction and immediately refused to eat their eggs too. I got the eggs, put them in my super chopper, added mustard and pickles and made up some egg salad. I was talking about how much grampy liked egg salad and didn't it look delicious with the sweet pickles . . . I got out the bread and put it on a sandwich and Lydia looked at it, looked at me and said:
"It looks like frow-up and I am NOT eating that!"

Elijah immediately comes back with "Yeah--I'm going to barth if you make me eat that."

So I had egg salad and the kids had yogurt. Egg FAIL!

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