Tuesday, January 03, 2012


We're here--had a great Christmas. Granny and Grampy came down the 23rd and Santa came that night. We had "Christmas" all day on the 24th and got up on the 25th and headed ot Wilson. We did Christmas with Nana and Papa then headed ot Grandmama's. Thankfully granny and grampy came to the rescue about 5pm and took three tired kids to their place so we could stay and visit a bit. The kids and I headed to the beach on Thursday and celebrated new years down there. We set the timer for "midnight" and at 7:30pm let them call EVERYONE they wanted to (nana, cody, Mrs. Hilary, Daddy) to make sure they were up at "midnight" It was great--everyone played along--the kids toasted with sparking apple juice and were asleep by 8pm.
Blogging is on the back burner as we ramp back up with homeschool. We're still here, just not wasting as much time online :)

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