Tuesday, January 03, 2012


My baby is two today.

She talks, sings, sleeps in a toddler bed, is potty trained . . . she thinks she is grown!

Bethy loves the Wiggles but doesn't get to watch them much because the older two HATE them!

Bethy is a great eater--eats all sorts of things. Doesn't much care for nuts but likes everything else. She even loves capers on her pizza! (Capers, mushrooms, green and black olives, ham, pineapple and cheese in case you are wondering)

She hates it if you substitute anything for "little boy" when you sing her Baa Baa Black Sheep

Her favorite songs are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Away in a Manger, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Old Time Religion.

Her favorite food is a tough one, corn on the cob comes to mind though.

Bethy can chew gum like a master!

Bethy hates naptime and will fight like nobody's business to get out of it. When she DOES fall asleep it is normally for about 45 minutes :(

She loves snuggles and rocking, just not so much with mama. She will gouge out my eyes and pick my nose and squirm and scream. If daddy or granny comes in though, its all snuggles. Grrrr.

Bethy will tell you she "volunteers a cake care a da babies in Covey's"--that is she volunteers to take care of the babies during cubbies. She is a babysitter--not in the nursery for any other reason ;)

Her favorite toys are baby dolls. Hands down. She strolls them, feeds them, rocks them, changes their diapers . . . she is baby crazy.

She likes dogs and cats toys too. She named her little dog "pee-pee" and her cat "spike."

Bethy is potty trained except when sleeping. She'll get distracted playing so you have to remind her if its been a while, but she has it under control!

Except for panties and socks, she can dress herself.

She can pedal on her trycicle.

She knows three letter sounds and can recognize a bunch of letters from sitting in on homeschool lessons.

She knows most colors but always guesses purple and pink if we get to one she's not sure about.

The girl loves pink.

She talks in sentances ALL the time--no one word replies for her anymore. she will answer "ummmm. . ..yep!" when she is thinking about a yes no answer though.

Bethy weighs 30 lbs like her sister and wears a 2T bottom and a 3T top--I love the little pot belly!

She is a dancing fool and love to be a ballerina and twirl around.

She has one of her 2 year molars and the other three a working their way through.

If we'd had her first we'd have another 6 by now--she is so easy and wonderful and good natured. The most smiley baby ever! She has enough personality to be twins!

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