Monday, February 20, 2012

Playdates Rock

Top 10 Reasons why I love Playdates

1) Mommy talk time
2) Seeing how others discipline their kids--always open for inspiration
3) Seeing other kid's misbehave--I am NOT alone--helps me appreciate my own kids
4) New toys for my kids to play with
5) Someone Else's house gets messed up or the other mom's help clean up MY house--really, win win either way.
6) Usually get great naps out of my three from a good morning playdate
7) Usually get great early bedtimes out of my three from a good afternoon playdate
8) Watching my three gravitate towards one another, even with others in the room--that tangible brother/sister bond is awesome for me to behold
9) Watching the kids get good at sharing/leading/helping others
10) Mommy talk time (because really--playdates are just as much about me as them--deserves mentioning TWICE!)

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