Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sick Day . . .

Lyddie is sick. She is usually the only one who stays well. Thank goodness too because girl does not handle illness well. Pitiful, crying, coughing, sobbing in the middle of the night. My drama queen actually has something legitimate to dramatize over. She is in her element.

This morning called for an hour of Popeye cartoons, followed by a trip to the CVS in PJ's to pick up the Redbox movies I had reserved online. This shall be a day where the 1 hour TV limit is thrown out the window. Honey tea shall be served along sides of crackers.

School is put on the back burner as Elijah gets square eyes along with his sister. His reading and writing will have to wait until I put the sick girls down for a nap.

Baby is soaking alone in a bubble bath, singing every song she knows, moving piles of bubbles from the teapot to the bucket to the doll to the ledge of the tub. Hoping that the slight stuffiness and hoarseness Bethy is exhibiting isn't the start of her coming down with Lydia's illness, but what can I say, when it comes to germs my kids are great at sharing. Since Bethy's TV attention span is about .47 seconds, she is up here with me, soaking, bubbling and letting Lydia rest pitifully on the couch, in her pj's, under fuzzy blankets, clutching a lovey.

I know that by the time dinner comes around and Justin walks in the door I will be more than ready to bail and head out to bible study. I only have so much lovin' in me. After pulling a sweet mommy all nighter with the middle child and babying everyone all day long, I will need a break!

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