Friday, March 30, 2012

Glub Glub


Joined the YMCA.  It has an inside pool.  We like it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bruises and more

My 4 year old looks like I hit her in the head with a bat. 
My 2 year old has 11 fire ant bites on her foot and it was so swollen today she couldn't walk.
My 5 year old has superglue holding the tip of his big toe on.

This was a crazy day. 
Its been a crazy week.

Sunday Bethy and I threw up all. day. long.  Monday she seemed fine then Monday night she threw up.  At 11pm, before the throwing up began we heard an awful crash and a scream.  I ran up to find Lydia face first on the floor in her room.  Scraped nose, goose egg on her head.  It earned her a midnight popsicle to calm down.  Hardwood floors in a kids' bedroom are the pits when your kid decides to fall out of bed face first.  20 minutes later Bethany started throwing up.  Every 30 mintues or so.  I was in there holding her, running her to the toilet, cleaning her.  At 5am I got Justin and slept for an hour before beginning my day.  (FYI I wasn't being a martyr, there isn't a clock in Bethy's room and I had no idea I had waited that late to get him to help me).

Tuesday was blessedly uneventful.  With only an hour of sleep I am not sure I could have taken much.

Today made up for it though.  It started after breakfast when Lydia decided she wanted some chocolate.  My children are nothing like me, they absolutely love chocolate.  So I keep it high up out of reach.  Lydia was in the helping stool and Justin was making his coffee and I went to go and clean off the table and I hear her fall.  She'd slipped on our "hill of calvary" on the counter and fallen off one counter into the other.  Her shins were hurt, she landed with her forearms on the cookie sheet so she bruised them and had huge bulging hematomas on them and she hit her forehead on the counter on the way down.  I was calm, I scooped her up, checked her over for a concussion and broken bone.s.  Praise God she was OK but she added a wonderful full bruise accross her forehead to go with the huge goose egg from Monday.

All was normal.  We had three kiddos here today.  More than a little crazy but fun.  Then we were feeding the ducks and I hear Bethy scream.  I look down and her foot is covered in ants.  It looked like an ant boot.  I was mortified.  I grabbed the other kids away, got the ants off her and we ran to the house.  THankfully she only got 11 bites.  2 doses of benadryl and a breathing treatment (along with 2 episodes of Wonderpets) got her back to normal.  She couldn't walk for about an hour but then she started playing and running and had a great afternoon.

Elijah re-stubbed his toe he stubbed yesterday and it was bad.  Dripping blood bad.  So I reached into my bag of tricks and withdrew superglue and "stiched" him closed.
I am glad the day is done. 

All three with injuries.


6 kids Under 6 . . . aka My Wednesday

So we've been keeping an extra kid for the past 3 weeks and today I offered to keep a couple of more for a friend of mine who will be leaving for India on a long term mission trip in a few weeks.  Elijah loves her son Roman and this is the same friend who kept all three of mine in addition to all three of hers when I got to do that AWESOME cake thing at the Indian restaurant a while back.

So here I am with two 5 year olds, a 4 year olds, two 3 year olds and a 2 year old.  6 kids all under the age of 6.  I got some strange looks from our neighbors when I make the trek to the park with all of them.    How precious is this though??

When we got home we had cool off time.  Lydia had bonked her lip on Kyler's head so we all enjoyed popsicles.  Lydia to make her lip better, the others as a reward for putting up with the whining.  win-win.

Now they are all upstairs having "quiet time" . . . it isn't quiet and I am quite sure the rooms will be a disaster when the timers go off in an hour but it is giving me a moment to be alone after a morning of controlled chaos.

Fun times though.  Tomorrow we'll be heading to the farm (me and the 4 kiddos) and then next week hopefully a buddy of Elijah's will join us for a Vollmer Farm trip and swimming at the YMCA afterwards.  Its going to be great!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My sincerest apologies to all of you with children who like cars, planes, trains, buses or construction equipment.  After 3 weeks of keeping a child obsessed with such things I am THRILLED with my children's obsessions of princesses and dragons.  At least I don't have to feign excitement a million times a day.

We were coming home from science just as school was letting out and there were buses everywhere.  The little boy was screaming at every.single.bus "Look Look Look!!!!"  My ears were bleeding and by the 50th bus I was ready to drive into a telephone pole.  He will NOT STOP screaming about the blasted things until you acknowledge him.  I hear Elijah absolutely deadpan in the back seat : "Wow.  That is so cool."  I could have died laughing!  Absolutely at the end of his rope I heard my deadpan voice come out of my 5 year old's mouth.

My mood is also generally not helped by the fact that we live directly under the flight path for RDU so there is a plane in our backyard at least every 5 minutes.  After an hour of outside time I am ready to scream if I have to look at another airplane.

I am sure it is very cute and endearing when it is your own kid (just as the princess obsession and constant fluffy doesn't aggrivate me much with Lydia).  I am just grateful for mine and their obsessions.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not the time to give up Facebook . . .

 I gave up posting on FB.  I slipped up one time and posted about Dan the Animal Man in hopes of finding another friend who'd split the cost.  But that wasn't a self-centered post so I allowed the "cheat"
This was not the month to give it up though.  There is so much I want to share, to talk about, to "update."  I didn't realize how lonely I would feel without it.  I keep up with my family and my friends on FB.

Since giving it up we've had to evict our renter, deal with the aftermath of the badly abused house, and get the house ready for market. Bethany has taken up poop painting as a hobby and we now are forced to duct tape her into her diaper every night or wakeup to her next beautiful masterpiece.  Justin and I have been having a very low time in our marriage and I've been in counsiling for it.  Lydia turned 4 and Rapunzel herself came (and I made a pretty kick butt cake!).   We've been keeping a new little boy during the days to make some money.  And . . . today my diamond fell out of my engagement ring somewhere in the gym.  I took the kiddos swimming and then worked out and sometime from when I left the house until just before my shower it went missing. 

All of that stuff.  Stuff I want to share. 

But I am trying to focus less on me, more on God and more on my family.  Why should I care what a bunch of people who I don't see very often think about me and my day to day life.  I shouldn't be thinking about what anyone thinks of me.  My life is mine to live.  My decisions mine to make. But I want to share my life.  I love getting those comments and "likes" when I post.  I miss that feedback that while I am stuck in this house with (now 4!! Tommorrow it will be 5!) children that I am not alone in it.  There are other mothers struggling with naptimes, accidents, poop paintings on the walls and more.

So I'm blogging more.  Waiting until Easter when I can come out of this FB fast and update you all on my status' and all the silly things that go on around here.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rapunzel Party

The Party was AWESOME!  It couldn't have gone any smoother.  Elijah watched a program upstairs to escape the "girlies" and we crafted hair bows, necklaces and painted nails.  Then the main attraction showed up . . . Rapunzel.  Lydia was convinced and absolutely speechless when she came up. It was amazing.  So happy we could do this for her!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fabulous at Four!

Good gracious.  How did my little Lyddie turn FOUR???? 
I think she'll be 21 next month.  Or so it seems.
She got makeup (with a real twist up lipstick!), a Rapunzel doll, a "REAL" princess crown, some princess flip-flips and a feather boa (the boa is from Elijah).  She knew last night when she went to bed when she woke up she would be 4 years old.  This morning she double checked and then immediately asked "so . . .when am I gonna be five?"

  • Loves all things Rapunzel.
  • Purple is her favorite color, followed closely by pink.
  • Loves beets (had them for breakfast this morning actually)--beets and pickles are her favorite food.  Mashed potatoes are a close third.
  • She loves to trace stuff and color when were in "school"--she loves stories, especially Fancy Nancy.  
  • She loves earrings and jewelery, but normally ditches anything other than the crown and earrings after a few minutes. 
  • Dress up is one of her favorite games.
  • She still naps (most days).
  • She sucks her thumb for about 2 minutes to fall asleep.  The dentist didn't even know she was a thumb sucker so it must not be too serious.
  • She pouts and sticks out her tongue when she doesn't get her way.  
  • She dresses herself and accessorizes every morning.
  • She is still sporting a "bob" as I keep cutting off all the dead ends.  She doesn't like stuff in her hair and the tangles drive me absolutely nuts so I chop it off every couple of months.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Three cheers for a hubby willing to listen and talk though EJ's education!
I am so much happier now.

We are going to wait and hope EJ gets into Central Park Charter and if he doesn't then that will be it...homeschooling.

This is such a relief to me. I could actually feel the burden lift. I think there is so much EJ will gain from school but the right school is important. I am so glad we won't be throwing him in just because that was the plan originally.

I am very hopeful that he will get in. There is a very small chance that he will--very few spots and a lot of kids who want it. We will just wait and see what is in store for our family.

If we homeschool we'll up the ante--he will do a sport for organized activity, we'll do a full cirriculum and we'll join a gym so I don't go nuts stuck at home all day every day! In fact, starting next month we're going to join the gym! Shower again, shaved legs.... yes please!! Getting rid of some of the serious mommy-itis that the girls have come down with will be wonderful. Hopefully a daily dose of childwatch will help with that!

Friday, March 09, 2012

I'm a Waffling Idiot

I am so incredibly upset . . .I cannot send my son to public school in downtown Durham. I just can't. He isn't ready to be in the world like that. I am waiting to hear about Central Park Charter and looking into a more affordable private school. I promised Justin if he got into one of the three schools we would give "real" school a try. I want to, I really do. There is a lot of good to be gained in my opinion. I just can't do RN Harris. I hate being a waffle. Talk is one thing and then when it comes to following through I can't do it. We only get one chance with this kid. God trusted us to make the decision, weigh the decisions, guide our son in the way that we see fit because he knew we were up for the challenge.

Ugh! More decisions!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

What you think you want . . .

So the lottery results are coming out and we applied for RN Harris (and two charters) . . .and got in to RN Harris.

We had decided that if we got into a good school then we would give it a shot. To be honest I am devastated. I thought I would be relieved.

There is a lot I think I am going to hate. I am going to hate homework, hate having my little man gone all day, hate not being able to just pick up and go whenever and hate having to do the pick up/drop off every single day.

I love homeschool. I like knowing what I am teaching him.

There are things I hate about homeschool too though. The daily battle with Elijah. The not getting it done guilt. The time I have to spend on him that I am not spending with my girls playing and letting them just be kids.

I'd already gotten my 1st grade plan in place. I knew what I was going to do . . .I'd thought about it, researched it.

It doesn't help that Elijah absolutely freaked when I told him. He loves homeschool too. He likes being home, doing his lessons for an hour or two and being finished.

I am praying. This is a chance for him to grow, stretch his wings, try and do new things. I think there is a lot he could learn from this and I am going to strive to keep it positive. I am also happy knowing that if it doesn't work out Justin says we can pull him out and do homeschool. I loved school. I know it has changed a lot from when I was little though.

So here I am. I have to adjust to the idea of my little man being gone all day. Back to just playing with the girls. Back to the gym! This Fall will be big changes for all of us.

So we're going to accept RN Harris and, in April if we find out he got into the Charter then switch to the Charter school that is our #1 choice.

Glad to find out now though so we can start thinking. Start adjusting. Start planning.

And if we end up sticking with RN Harris, I know Lydia will be thrilled. They offer dance as part of the curriculum. My little ballerina will be in 7th heaven!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Movie Time!

So my groupon expired today.
I didn't know until I got home and went to see when (I remembered March).

So I did something I never do. I took three kids to the movies, alone. Three kids who hadn't napped. Three kids who were overtired and cranky. I fully expected meltdowns but I paid for that buggar and I was going to at least try and use it! We had a pep talk. Went to the bathroom. Left in the car.

We went to the theater to see The Lorax. Only it was just released and they didn't want me to use my groupon. We were going to walk out and Lydia was in tears. She didn't understand. The lady at the ticket desk called us over and said she'd take it so we got to use the coupon and see the movie. She didn't even charge me for the girls!! Awesome! Free movie.

Now Lydia has been to one movie. Disaster. She was crawling all over and didn't want to sit. It was dark and loud, her two least favorite things. I didn't have high hopes of actually getting to see the movie. I figured I'd have the girls in the hallway or in my lap crying and EJ would enjoy it.

It was really good. Lydia refused to wear the glasses and spent the whole movie plugging her ears and in my lap. Bethany sat there-glasses on-in the booster seat-glued to the action. This is the girl who has a 5 minute attention span during the day. I was in awe.

I did it. I stepped out of my box, out of my comfort zone, and I did it. We had a great time and I am so glad we went. It was awesome.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

And So . . .

Our short 6 month stint as landlords has come to an end.

Chalk it up to lessons learned that friends really don't make the best tenants. Being nice can bite you in the butt big time. Real contracts made by real lawyers are worth their weight in gold.

Feeling so frustrated at how the "lease to own" turned out. Feeling so grateful that we DO have a contract which spells everything out and will *hopefully* mean we can get some money out of the tenant we had to ask to leave.

Feeling so blessed by in-laws who dropped their Saturday plans and came armed with screwdrivers, spackle, chain saws and plenty of elbow grease to help get the house cleaned.

Looks like we'll be having the carpets professionally clean to try and get up the puddles of nail polish, sharpie marks, and marker now dotting the carpets. Looks like we'll be hiring a pianter to paint over the sharpie and pencil marks all over the wall, the tears, the marks, and repair all of the drag marks that took out hunks of trim and loads of paint out of the doorframes.

I walked into the house yesterday and almost cried. Then I got mad. Then I almost cried. Petroleum jelly smeared over the walls, sharpie words and drawings all over what used to be Elijah's room. The carpets, oh the carpets, now technicolor. "Stuff" spilled down most of the walls--the hallway was a mess of brown SOMETHING dripping down. The washer and drier were just gross--dirt inside and out.

All that is left to do today is the kitchen. And finish vacuuming downstairs. And all the yardwork we didn't do yesterday.

I'm feeling very overwhelmed. I thought it would be a quick once over and we'd be done with the house. How much damage can a mom and two young girls do in 6 months. She's a friend, sure times are tough financially but she's a good person. She wouldn't trash the house on me right? Lesson learned--sometimes the best plans don't turn out. Lesson learned--its only money and we'll get through this too.

Now to get the house in tip-top shape. Get it sold. Get out from under two mortgages. I can't wait!