Sunday, March 04, 2012

And So . . .

Our short 6 month stint as landlords has come to an end.

Chalk it up to lessons learned that friends really don't make the best tenants. Being nice can bite you in the butt big time. Real contracts made by real lawyers are worth their weight in gold.

Feeling so frustrated at how the "lease to own" turned out. Feeling so grateful that we DO have a contract which spells everything out and will *hopefully* mean we can get some money out of the tenant we had to ask to leave.

Feeling so blessed by in-laws who dropped their Saturday plans and came armed with screwdrivers, spackle, chain saws and plenty of elbow grease to help get the house cleaned.

Looks like we'll be having the carpets professionally clean to try and get up the puddles of nail polish, sharpie marks, and marker now dotting the carpets. Looks like we'll be hiring a pianter to paint over the sharpie and pencil marks all over the wall, the tears, the marks, and repair all of the drag marks that took out hunks of trim and loads of paint out of the doorframes.

I walked into the house yesterday and almost cried. Then I got mad. Then I almost cried. Petroleum jelly smeared over the walls, sharpie words and drawings all over what used to be Elijah's room. The carpets, oh the carpets, now technicolor. "Stuff" spilled down most of the walls--the hallway was a mess of brown SOMETHING dripping down. The washer and drier were just gross--dirt inside and out.

All that is left to do today is the kitchen. And finish vacuuming downstairs. And all the yardwork we didn't do yesterday.

I'm feeling very overwhelmed. I thought it would be a quick once over and we'd be done with the house. How much damage can a mom and two young girls do in 6 months. She's a friend, sure times are tough financially but she's a good person. She wouldn't trash the house on me right? Lesson learned--sometimes the best plans don't turn out. Lesson learned--its only money and we'll get through this too.

Now to get the house in tip-top shape. Get it sold. Get out from under two mortgages. I can't wait!

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bethany said...

That's terrible Covey. You would think people would be more appreciative of your kindness. What an awful situation. Hopefully things will only be up from here!