Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My sincerest apologies to all of you with children who like cars, planes, trains, buses or construction equipment.  After 3 weeks of keeping a child obsessed with such things I am THRILLED with my children's obsessions of princesses and dragons.  At least I don't have to feign excitement a million times a day.

We were coming home from science just as school was letting out and there were buses everywhere.  The little boy was screaming at every.single.bus "Look Look Look!!!!"  My ears were bleeding and by the 50th bus I was ready to drive into a telephone pole.  He will NOT STOP screaming about the blasted things until you acknowledge him.  I hear Elijah absolutely deadpan in the back seat : "Wow.  That is so cool."  I could have died laughing!  Absolutely at the end of his rope I heard my deadpan voice come out of my 5 year old's mouth.

My mood is also generally not helped by the fact that we live directly under the flight path for RDU so there is a plane in our backyard at least every 5 minutes.  After an hour of outside time I am ready to scream if I have to look at another airplane.

I am sure it is very cute and endearing when it is your own kid (just as the princess obsession and constant fluffy doesn't aggrivate me much with Lydia).  I am just grateful for mine and their obsessions.  

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