Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bruises and more

My 4 year old looks like I hit her in the head with a bat. 
My 2 year old has 11 fire ant bites on her foot and it was so swollen today she couldn't walk.
My 5 year old has superglue holding the tip of his big toe on.

This was a crazy day. 
Its been a crazy week.

Sunday Bethy and I threw up all. day. long.  Monday she seemed fine then Monday night she threw up.  At 11pm, before the throwing up began we heard an awful crash and a scream.  I ran up to find Lydia face first on the floor in her room.  Scraped nose, goose egg on her head.  It earned her a midnight popsicle to calm down.  Hardwood floors in a kids' bedroom are the pits when your kid decides to fall out of bed face first.  20 minutes later Bethany started throwing up.  Every 30 mintues or so.  I was in there holding her, running her to the toilet, cleaning her.  At 5am I got Justin and slept for an hour before beginning my day.  (FYI I wasn't being a martyr, there isn't a clock in Bethy's room and I had no idea I had waited that late to get him to help me).

Tuesday was blessedly uneventful.  With only an hour of sleep I am not sure I could have taken much.

Today made up for it though.  It started after breakfast when Lydia decided she wanted some chocolate.  My children are nothing like me, they absolutely love chocolate.  So I keep it high up out of reach.  Lydia was in the helping stool and Justin was making his coffee and I went to go and clean off the table and I hear her fall.  She'd slipped on our "hill of calvary" on the counter and fallen off one counter into the other.  Her shins were hurt, she landed with her forearms on the cookie sheet so she bruised them and had huge bulging hematomas on them and she hit her forehead on the counter on the way down.  I was calm, I scooped her up, checked her over for a concussion and broken bone.s.  Praise God she was OK but she added a wonderful full bruise accross her forehead to go with the huge goose egg from Monday.

All was normal.  We had three kiddos here today.  More than a little crazy but fun.  Then we were feeding the ducks and I hear Bethy scream.  I look down and her foot is covered in ants.  It looked like an ant boot.  I was mortified.  I grabbed the other kids away, got the ants off her and we ran to the house.  THankfully she only got 11 bites.  2 doses of benadryl and a breathing treatment (along with 2 episodes of Wonderpets) got her back to normal.  She couldn't walk for about an hour but then she started playing and running and had a great afternoon.

Elijah re-stubbed his toe he stubbed yesterday and it was bad.  Dripping blood bad.  So I reached into my bag of tricks and withdrew superglue and "stiched" him closed.
I am glad the day is done. 

All three with injuries.


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