Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fabulous at Four!

Good gracious.  How did my little Lyddie turn FOUR???? 
I think she'll be 21 next month.  Or so it seems.
She got makeup (with a real twist up lipstick!), a Rapunzel doll, a "REAL" princess crown, some princess flip-flips and a feather boa (the boa is from Elijah).  She knew last night when she went to bed when she woke up she would be 4 years old.  This morning she double checked and then immediately asked "so . . .when am I gonna be five?"

  • Loves all things Rapunzel.
  • Purple is her favorite color, followed closely by pink.
  • Loves beets (had them for breakfast this morning actually)--beets and pickles are her favorite food.  Mashed potatoes are a close third.
  • She loves to trace stuff and color when were in "school"--she loves stories, especially Fancy Nancy.  
  • She loves earrings and jewelery, but normally ditches anything other than the crown and earrings after a few minutes. 
  • Dress up is one of her favorite games.
  • She still naps (most days).
  • She sucks her thumb for about 2 minutes to fall asleep.  The dentist didn't even know she was a thumb sucker so it must not be too serious.
  • She pouts and sticks out her tongue when she doesn't get her way.  
  • She dresses herself and accessorizes every morning.
  • She is still sporting a "bob" as I keep cutting off all the dead ends.  She doesn't like stuff in her hair and the tangles drive me absolutely nuts so I chop it off every couple of months.

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