Friday, March 09, 2012

I'm a Waffling Idiot

I am so incredibly upset . . .I cannot send my son to public school in downtown Durham. I just can't. He isn't ready to be in the world like that. I am waiting to hear about Central Park Charter and looking into a more affordable private school. I promised Justin if he got into one of the three schools we would give "real" school a try. I want to, I really do. There is a lot of good to be gained in my opinion. I just can't do RN Harris. I hate being a waffle. Talk is one thing and then when it comes to following through I can't do it. We only get one chance with this kid. God trusted us to make the decision, weigh the decisions, guide our son in the way that we see fit because he knew we were up for the challenge.

Ugh! More decisions!

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