Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not the time to give up Facebook . . .

 I gave up posting on FB.  I slipped up one time and posted about Dan the Animal Man in hopes of finding another friend who'd split the cost.  But that wasn't a self-centered post so I allowed the "cheat"
This was not the month to give it up though.  There is so much I want to share, to talk about, to "update."  I didn't realize how lonely I would feel without it.  I keep up with my family and my friends on FB.

Since giving it up we've had to evict our renter, deal with the aftermath of the badly abused house, and get the house ready for market. Bethany has taken up poop painting as a hobby and we now are forced to duct tape her into her diaper every night or wakeup to her next beautiful masterpiece.  Justin and I have been having a very low time in our marriage and I've been in counsiling for it.  Lydia turned 4 and Rapunzel herself came (and I made a pretty kick butt cake!).   We've been keeping a new little boy during the days to make some money.  And . . . today my diamond fell out of my engagement ring somewhere in the gym.  I took the kiddos swimming and then worked out and sometime from when I left the house until just before my shower it went missing. 

All of that stuff.  Stuff I want to share. 

But I am trying to focus less on me, more on God and more on my family.  Why should I care what a bunch of people who I don't see very often think about me and my day to day life.  I shouldn't be thinking about what anyone thinks of me.  My life is mine to live.  My decisions mine to make. But I want to share my life.  I love getting those comments and "likes" when I post.  I miss that feedback that while I am stuck in this house with (now 4!! Tommorrow it will be 5!) children that I am not alone in it.  There are other mothers struggling with naptimes, accidents, poop paintings on the walls and more.

So I'm blogging more.  Waiting until Easter when I can come out of this FB fast and update you all on my status' and all the silly things that go on around here.


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