Thursday, March 08, 2012

What you think you want . . .

So the lottery results are coming out and we applied for RN Harris (and two charters) . . .and got in to RN Harris.

We had decided that if we got into a good school then we would give it a shot. To be honest I am devastated. I thought I would be relieved.

There is a lot I think I am going to hate. I am going to hate homework, hate having my little man gone all day, hate not being able to just pick up and go whenever and hate having to do the pick up/drop off every single day.

I love homeschool. I like knowing what I am teaching him.

There are things I hate about homeschool too though. The daily battle with Elijah. The not getting it done guilt. The time I have to spend on him that I am not spending with my girls playing and letting them just be kids.

I'd already gotten my 1st grade plan in place. I knew what I was going to do . . .I'd thought about it, researched it.

It doesn't help that Elijah absolutely freaked when I told him. He loves homeschool too. He likes being home, doing his lessons for an hour or two and being finished.

I am praying. This is a chance for him to grow, stretch his wings, try and do new things. I think there is a lot he could learn from this and I am going to strive to keep it positive. I am also happy knowing that if it doesn't work out Justin says we can pull him out and do homeschool. I loved school. I know it has changed a lot from when I was little though.

So here I am. I have to adjust to the idea of my little man being gone all day. Back to just playing with the girls. Back to the gym! This Fall will be big changes for all of us.

So we're going to accept RN Harris and, in April if we find out he got into the Charter then switch to the Charter school that is our #1 choice.

Glad to find out now though so we can start thinking. Start adjusting. Start planning.

And if we end up sticking with RN Harris, I know Lydia will be thrilled. They offer dance as part of the curriculum. My little ballerina will be in 7th heaven!

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