Friday, April 06, 2012

ABC's of Fighting with Sissies

I <3 my kids--
While they do drive me nuts (far often than I'd like to admit), the have me laughing every single day.

Lyddie had on a penguin hat, Elijah had wrapped a scarf on his and was a Ninjago and Bethy had on a ladybug hat, they were playing superheros--Elijah was screamng "Energy attack!" To which Bethy promptly screamed "A-B-C Attack!" so he switched to "Elemental Boost!" only to have Lydia say "L-M-N-O Boost!" . . .when I asked what they were doing Lydia said they were having an alphabet fight and Elijah just sighed and shook his head.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Life Little Lessons . . .

We Redboxed the Winnie the Pooh movie.  The kids have never seen Winnie the Pooh prior to this.  We have a puzzle of Winnie the pooh and that's pretty much their only exposure ot my knowledge.  Oh my word--that movie is fabulous!  The scene where piglet "Cannot Knot"  (and they go on to "Not knot?"  "who's there?"  Elijah and I were in stitches--the girls didn't get it).  So we go to the library and I tell Elijah that its a real book and we could check it out.  We found it and he said: "Oh boy! If the movie is that great imagine how fabulous the book is going to be!!!"  Yes my boy--the book is ALWAYS better than the movie!

How is it that the 2 year old, who won't stay seated for even one 23 minute episode of Dora, will sit in my lap for 2 SOLID HOURS and read 40 library books without budging?  Not a single squirm??  She outlasted Elijah and Lydia (who gallivanted off after about an hour to go and play legos).  Seriously??  I thought my voice was going to give out before she tired of the stories.  Wow!  What an attention span.  I need to train her to listen to the "beeps" and get out my old books on tape like I did for Elijah and Lydia at this age.  She'd love it!

Speaking of Library books, I love how, for the past 2 weeks that we haven't had any, Elijah still runs to the book spot and does a double take and is caught off guard that our bag is empty.  It is so wonderful that books are such a big part of his life!

How do children have the innate ability to aggravate the snot out of you?  I swear--is it in our DNA that they know to hold their finger 1/4 inch away and yell "I'm NOT touching you!" again and again just to aggravate one another?

Does anyone else get joy out of the fact that your kid comes downstairs dressed, thinking they look so great, and the outfit is just horrible?  Elijah came down today in head to toe camo, in last years shorts (which are about 3 inches too short!) and dark black "spy socks."  He then proceeded to try and wear his brown leather flip flops with the socks, decided that would work and just wore the flip flops instead.  He looked awful and thought he looked so cool.  I just have to laugh.  Of course, I am not much of a role model. I think I am just going to have Lydia dress the whole family from now on.  She's the only one who can do an ensemble.

Beyond Cute and Adorable (at least to her mama)

She tries so hard to keep up with the other two.  She is talking, walking, running, pedaling a trike like a mad woman, singing, dancing, sassy little 2 year old.  She also loves to get up between 4 and 5 am for the day and try and skip her nap.  Seriously, I don't know a girl with more fight in her than Bethany.  The stubbornness of the terrible twos has taken charge of my sweet little girl. 

Today, after a trip to Elijah's new school to drop off forms, 2 hours playing at Childwatch while mommy worked out and showered, a tri pto the grocery, lunch and a trip to the library I found her like this on her beanbag chair.


Yesterday was no less busy.  We did school, had lunch with grampy and headed out to pick strawberries at Vollmer Farm.  It was fun.  Bethany amused the old guys there by balking at the thought of eating homemade ice cream and instead chose to chomp into a tomato.  The girl loves tomatoes.  Last year they were still "A-Meet-Ohs" . . my oh my how she has changed!

It was HOT.  The berries were HOT.  They are much better today, cooler, but even the children noticed they weren't as sweet as last year.  We were a little disappointed.  We won't be going back out there again because the hour trip just isn't worth it if the berries aren't knock-your-socks-off good like they were last year.  I still love that they are organic though and the kids did have a very good time.

Justin's been gone all week and we've been keeping busy.  I am usually on my own at bedtime so I don't know why its been so weird to me this week.  It has.  The kids are off (I guess just knowing he's not here bugs them) and have been testing me.  I will be glad to have him home tomorrow so we can get back to normal.  

Weird has been nice though.  Redbox yesterday and today.  Haven't cooked even one time.  Scrapbooked every night.  



Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Go Eagles!

We'll be breaking out the khaki pants and polo shirts come Fall.  Elijah was accepted into Kestrel Heights Charter.  It is one his Homeschool Co-op teacher recommended to us. 

It is completely different than when we found out about RN Harris.  It is a sense of joy I am having.  Elijah is very upset, he does like homeschool, but me, I am thrilled!!  I am tired of the daily battle, the guilt when it doesn't get done.  He is a very stubborn boy.  He is also a very lazy boy when it comes to work ("Mommy will you write it FOR me?").  Nothing out of the ordinary but it is wearing me out an a daily basis.  When he is motivated he will power through it.  When he doesn't want to work, it is frustrating for both of us. 

I am so excited about getting to focus on my girls.  Learning letters, playing dress up, princess stuff.  I think they will draw closer to one another without Elijah here.  I think Elijah will do great once he gets used to the idea.  He was NOT happy about preschool either but ended up really liking it.  Same anxiety about "Friday school" and now it and science are the highlights of his week.  I am 100% sure that we made the right decision to homeschool for Kindergarten.  He is used to Durham now, his world isn't upside down from a move and a new schedule.  I think once we get in the groove he will love school.

I am excited to get to try a new school.  We've already discussed that we'll plan to evaluate how things are going at Christmas and again in the Spring (when it will be time to sign Lydia up for Kindergarten!!!) to make sure this is the right choice for us.  I guess I am just so happy that I have homeschool as a backup.  I know we can do it and make it work.  I know what cirriculum I want to use and where to go to get it so it will be just a matter of a week before I get it if we decide that the real school thing isn't working. 

Ahh. . . big weight off my shoulders.