Thursday, April 05, 2012

Beyond Cute and Adorable (at least to her mama)

She tries so hard to keep up with the other two.  She is talking, walking, running, pedaling a trike like a mad woman, singing, dancing, sassy little 2 year old.  She also loves to get up between 4 and 5 am for the day and try and skip her nap.  Seriously, I don't know a girl with more fight in her than Bethany.  The stubbornness of the terrible twos has taken charge of my sweet little girl. 

Today, after a trip to Elijah's new school to drop off forms, 2 hours playing at Childwatch while mommy worked out and showered, a tri pto the grocery, lunch and a trip to the library I found her like this on her beanbag chair.


Yesterday was no less busy.  We did school, had lunch with grampy and headed out to pick strawberries at Vollmer Farm.  It was fun.  Bethany amused the old guys there by balking at the thought of eating homemade ice cream and instead chose to chomp into a tomato.  The girl loves tomatoes.  Last year they were still "A-Meet-Ohs" . . my oh my how she has changed!

It was HOT.  The berries were HOT.  They are much better today, cooler, but even the children noticed they weren't as sweet as last year.  We were a little disappointed.  We won't be going back out there again because the hour trip just isn't worth it if the berries aren't knock-your-socks-off good like they were last year.  I still love that they are organic though and the kids did have a very good time.

Justin's been gone all week and we've been keeping busy.  I am usually on my own at bedtime so I don't know why its been so weird to me this week.  It has.  The kids are off (I guess just knowing he's not here bugs them) and have been testing me.  I will be glad to have him home tomorrow so we can get back to normal.  

Weird has been nice though.  Redbox yesterday and today.  Haven't cooked even one time.  Scrapbooked every night.  



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