Monday, June 04, 2012


Just got back from a fabulous weekend away.  2 nights without a husband or children.  We had 6 women, none of whom knew anyone except me.  By the end of the weekend we were great friends.  It was AWESOME!

6 women, all mothers.  We left 21 kids total at home.  (Krista has 8 and really boosted our average).

I got in tons of girl time and even planned out my whole fall semester fro school.  I also ut things like oil changes changing the air filters in the house and paying the bills in my calendar.  I even have "make halloween costumes" and make and send birthday invitations 5 weeks before the events so I won't forget.  Anal?  Perhaps, but as I was filling in the calendar I felt myself relaxing.  I have it all written down in one place.  I can relax and NOT worry about forgetting something or scrambling to do things last minute.  It is wonderful!

We ate out twice, walked on the beach at night and stayed up until 1am and 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.  We polished off 4 bottles of wine too.  It was great!  Can't wait until next year and we get to do it again!!  A weekend in June . . . yep!  Think we need it!!