Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Speed Stripes . . .behold the power!

Yesterday I took the girls to go shoe shopping.  Thanks to a recent growth spurt we were down to one pair of flip flops for Lydia and one pair of doggy bedroom slippers for Beth . . .all of their other shoes gave blisters.

Turns out the reason the size 7 hand-me downs were hurting Beth is that she is a size 9 :/ Looks like no more hand me downs for shoes . . .the girls now both wear size 9.

In the store Dora tennis shoes, pink tennis shoes, light up tennis shoes . . Bethany was in heaven.  She had to try them all on to test them out.  She ended up on pink butterfly light up shoes.

Lydia was another story.  Nothing purple.  She was sitting cross legged on the floor refusing to even look at the shoes.  Since it was a BOGO coupon she HAD to pick out a pair of shoes there, I wasn't going another place so she could get purple.  So I found a pair, white with rainbow stripes and one of the rainbows was purple.  Bethy was over there enamored with the light up butterflies and kept stomping them so I said (rather dramatically) "Whew . . " Then I whispered dramatically to Lydia "I am so glad Bethy didn't choose THESE shoes.  Man! They've got about SEVEN speed stripes on them.  I think she'd probably be faster than Elijah. How would I ever keep up with her?  Yep, sure am glad she got those butterflies!"

I get a quick side look over her shoulder.  Then she spins around and asks to see them.  Upon discovering there was indeed a PURPLE speed stripe she puts them on and proceeds to race around the store.

"mom, am I the fastest EVER in these shoes?"

me: "Oh man.  Please don't tell me you are picking those shoes.  You are going to have to be so careful wearing those.  They are so fast.  You are probably even faster than Elijah now.  Don't run into any walls or knock into the car OK?  You've got to promise me that you'll be super careful running that fast."

She darts off sure that she is the fastest thing EVER on those shoes with the rainbow stripes.

This morning they had to show off how fast they were for daddy.  Elijah, who had green lightening bolts on his shoes, was unimpressed.  "Lydia . . .seriously?  I have LIGHT-E-NING on my shoes.  How can you think speed stripes are stronger than lightening?"  And he zoomed around her.  They raced.  He won.  Later she told me she had just let him win because she didn't want to hurt his feeling.

Ahhhh. . . behold the power of little things sewn onto shoes :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm not a Bear

The girls did gymnastics for the first time on Monday.  They loved it.
I overheard the teacher (a very nice guy in his 50's) call Bethany "Pooh Bear" . . Bethany stopped dead in her tracks and looked at him and said:
"I am NOT a bear.  I am actually a wittle girl.  You can call me Beth-a-ny!"
and he did for the rest of the class.  I guess granny is the only one who can get away with the pet names :)

Betty Likes Brown

Tuesday we made an "Apple Brown Betty" and the girls helped.  Tuesday was a horrible day, everyone was tired and grouchy and driving me nuts.  I was on edge knowing school was starting Wednesday. . .so we baked.
Peeled apples, sugared them, put them in a pan . .. .
My little girl helpers were just chattering away with a million questions . . why do we peel them, why can't we add more sugar, why do we have to put butter in the topping . . .

Then Lydia asked: "What are we making?"
me: "Apple Brown Betty"
Lydia : PAUSE "Why is it called that? . . . . .Oh I know mom!  It is because it has apples in it.  And then you add cinnamon to make it brown.  AND (she finished dramatically) the lady who figured it all out and made up the recipe is named BETTY!"
me: "Of course, I bet that is why"
Lydia: "Yep, Betty's brown apples. . . that's why its called that."