Thursday, August 23, 2012

Betty Likes Brown

Tuesday we made an "Apple Brown Betty" and the girls helped.  Tuesday was a horrible day, everyone was tired and grouchy and driving me nuts.  I was on edge knowing school was starting Wednesday. . .so we baked.
Peeled apples, sugared them, put them in a pan . .. .
My little girl helpers were just chattering away with a million questions . . why do we peel them, why can't we add more sugar, why do we have to put butter in the topping . . .

Then Lydia asked: "What are we making?"
me: "Apple Brown Betty"
Lydia : PAUSE "Why is it called that? . . . . .Oh I know mom!  It is because it has apples in it.  And then you add cinnamon to make it brown.  AND (she finished dramatically) the lady who figured it all out and made up the recipe is named BETTY!"
me: "Of course, I bet that is why"
Lydia: "Yep, Betty's brown apples. . . that's why its called that."

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