Monday, September 10, 2012

Suckier and Suckier

So Elijah got bit the first week of school and today he was upset because his "friends" were teasing him in the bathroom because of his underwear and "not-plain" socks.  Seriously?  The school has uniforms.  Why do they HAVE to find something to pick on him about? 

At this point I have just had it.  I actually like Kestrel.  Elijah likes his teacher.  I think she is great and trying hard.  I think I just hate the idea of school in general.  He is spending every afternoon telling me who did what and what color they were on.  That they can lose recess time, class privelages, etc. for bad behavior.  He hasn't had a single warning or anything, but he gets home and all that strain from being "good" all day unleashes on me and the girls and he is awful.  I am fast realizing, that for our family, the "cost" of school may not be worth it.  It is "easier" not having to struggle with him to do his work, but I get a horribly grouchy fussy little boy with 1 hour of homework to fight with every night instead.  I just don't know.  We said we'd give it a go until Christmas but we're going to have to see. . .

If you have kids in school, or put your kids through school, please leave me comments . . . convince me that this is worth it.  Right now I may not be seeing the forrest for the trees and might be missing a bigger picture.  It is just, down here where I am, it sucks.  Period.

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bethany said...

They are having homework in 1st grade? That doesn't make sense to me. Reading, yes, but anything else is ridiculous.

I'm sorry your experience has been terrible. I know how it feels and can't give you too many encouraging words except, do what feels right to you. If you can handle having him home and have decided that's best, then by all means....